1000 X 1000 = 1 Million Dollars

Human beings are notorious for over-complicating matters especially when it comes to finances. Leonardo Da Vinci was once rumored to have said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and achieving something with minimal effort and minimal time is far superior than achieving something slowly and with great effort.

Part of the American dream is to make a million dollars and retire happy, most people go about this in a very unsophisticated way, rather than thinking for ourselves we look to see what our parents did and what society views as normal.

The reason for writing this article other than to make money is to try and open people’s eyes to the different options that are out there so you can supplement your financial strategy and look for ways to think yourself into financial freedom. This article tries to emphasis the important and value of time and how trading time for money is not what it seems.

How to Make a Million slowly if you’re Lucky

Do You Have to be Lucky to be Successful

Most people subscribe to conventional wisdom which dictates that to make a million dollars you need to work hard, earn a good wage or salary and then save money and put some away for retirement. The reality is most people are not saving for retirement and what they do save won’t be enough, they have a mountain of debt which they bought upon themselves through consumerism and now feel trapped in the rat race thinking that things will improve in the future when they get a pay rise only to find lifestyle inflation smacks them on the face.

The real truth is that saving money for retirement won’t make you a millionaire fast unless you’re on a fantastic salary saving at least 80% of your money when then markets are rising.

1000 X 1000 = 1 Million Dollars

Make a Million Dollars Quickly

Rather than over-complicate matters financially sophisticated people think differently, they appreciate the need to save for retirement which they do diligently but they know that there are other options out there and taking your future well-being into your own hands is much more reassuring.

The concept is simple, 1000 x 1000 is a million. You have to do something that pays you $1000 and you need to do it as quickly as possible 1000 times and then you’ll make your million.

You can chop and change the figures and the more valuable your product or service is the quicker the road to millionaire status. You can do something that pays $100 then thousand times to become a millionaire or you can do something that pays $10,000 one hundred times to reach your goals.

What Can I Offer In Exchange for $1000?

Creative Ways to Make Money

You are only limited by your imagination, if you can think of a service or product which you can sell for $1000 then you’re on your way. You can sell a service, you can sell a product; you can sell an item that pays $1000 commission. You can write a book but you’ll have to sell more to make your millions. Here are four different strategies that you can try just so you can see the potential.

Making a Million Dollars in Real Estate

If you’re thinking of making a million in real estate then the quickest way to do this is by adding value, if you can become astute at finding properties that need development and you can add value of $50,000 every time you develop a property then you only have to do this 20 times to achieve $1 million. If you can develop 5 properties every year then you’ll reach your goal in 4 years or less.

Making a Million Dollars in Sales

If you’re a salesman and become exceptional at your job and closing a deal lands you $1000 every time then you must to be closing 21 deals a month to reach your goal in five years. This might seem like an impossible task however in sales the commission is sometimes much greater than $1000. If you can develop your skill and learn to close the deal quickly you can get on the fast lane to becoming a millionaire.

Offer a Product or Service for $1000

If you can offer a product or service for $1000 and can find 1000 people willing to pay for this then this is a very quick way to wealth. If you can produce a subscription based service where the client pays $100 per month and you can get 1000 clients then this is a great way to become rich. There are many entrepreneurs and inventors who charge this amount for their product or service so it can be done. It might take time before you refine your product or service but this is time well spend especially if it will bring you future freedom.