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11 Advantages Private ESL Tutors Should Highlight to Get More Students


 11 Advantages Private ESL Tutors Should Highlight to Get More Students1. Your hourly rate is cheaper than a class

Offering a cheaper hourly rate for 1-on-1 English tutoring than group classes taught at a school is one of the major benefits to emphasize to potential students. You simply don’t have the overheads that ESL classroom courses need to cover in order to make a profit, which means you can provide students with the same level of teaching but at a much lower cost. Additionally, most schools will demand full payment of the course before it commences, usually with no refund guarantee for withdrawing from the course regardless of the reason. Many eager learners cannot afford to hand over such a large amount of money.

2. You are qualified and experienced

It is important to describe your qualifications and experience in teaching English as a second language. Many people assume that classroom teachers are more qualified than tutors or that they will learn more from a classroom course than from a private tutor. Many people also don’t realize that a lot of teachers do tutoring on the side. Whether or not you are a teacher, make sure you advertise your qualifications in a field of study plus your experiences of working with ESL students, especially on a one to one basis.

It is a really good idea to describe specific examples of how you helped students with learning English. This will help them understand how your services can benefit their individual interests. For example, if you are an experienced English tutor, describe how you taught a young pupil how to form English comparison sentences in an entertaining way using old magazines, or for personal art teachers, how you taught a student to paint trees in a local park. Click the following link if you’re interested in learning how to teach English to children using recycled magazines.

3. You let them make a personalized study plan

List what days and times you are free for tutoring sessions and students will be able to choose a timetable to suit their needs. Potential students will appreciate the flexibility that tutors have over classroom courses. Without a strict schedule and set number of hours per week, you are able to offer diligent students extra lessons during the day, in the evening, or at the weekend depending on how much free time you both have.

4. You can change preferred tutorial times

Imagine signing up for a long-term course only to find out soon after you start that you are no longer free on that day or at that time. This happens all the time and students have no choice but to leave the course because it was too difficult to rearrange the new commitment. This can be upsetting for many pupils who are already committed to the course. Being a tutor, you can offer additional flexibility to students who need to change preferred tutoring times. Remember to inform students of notice periods for changing lesson times or else they risk still having to pay for that session.

5. You offer flexible learning

In addition to number 4 above, it’s natural for students to catch a cold from time to time and not be able to make it to class. Some may try to force themselves to go to school, while others will simply stay at home, which means making up for that lesson because the class must go on whether all pupils are present or not. Being the only student in your private class, they will not need to catch up with the rest of the students and can easily rearrange the lesson. As an extra service, why not offer a Skype lesson for those that are unable to attend a 1-on-1 session?

6. You teach to their needs

In your initial communication or during the first tutoring session, which could be provided free of charge as an incentive for students to study with you, you will either give a list of study methods and course material that you aim to teach them or listen to what exactly they want to focus on. By tutoring, you remove the frustration that students feel when wasting time on already-learned material or on areas of study they have no interest in during classroom courses.

7. You can provide free material

If you are a teacher by day, have had a lot of students in the past, or even have students who wish to leave learning material with you, then you can offer future students the chance to learn without buying extra books. What’s more, with a wealth of free information on the Internet, you can download and use plenty of different resources to teach students and keep them entertained. If you want to leave it up to them to decide what to study, then spend some time after your initial meeting to think about what free material you have that you can use or where you can get it.

8. You teach in a relaxed environment

Ok, so a classroom setting may make pupils more focused on learning than say, in their own home, but it can also cause some students to become shy or even have mental blocks if asked to answer a question in front of the whole class. A relaxed environment, either in their own home or at yours, means that they can loosen up and take their time to think about their answers without any pressure from their peers. To aid their enjoyment of your session, provide them with things they don’t usually have in class, such as green tea and cookies.

9. You give undivided attention

Since there are no other students in the class, you guarantee a hundred percent that your student gets your complete and undivided attention throughout the tutoring session. Everyone learns at different speeds but you won’t need to take valuable time away from any student to help another catch up. You are also free to answer any and every question that should arise. Spending quality time with a student is of major importance to their development.

10. You can organize fun day trips and activities

Who says learning has to always take place in a dull classroom with your head stuck in a book? If there is some upcoming activity in your area or an excellent local museum that will aid your student’s learning, then take them along and give them some real-world experience of what they’ve only read about.

Additionally, if you have built a friendship with your adult students, you can organize day trips together with your other students, which gives them a chance to meet like-minded people and share their experiences of learning with you. This is especially useful if the activity involves something connected to your field of study, for example, taking drama students to see a play or baking students to a famous cake shop.

11. You can offer additional subjects

Think about some of the things connected to your area of expertise that you enjoy doing and can teach others. For example, you could also teach calligraphy or poetry if you have experience in either field. In addition to providing extra services and therefore earning more money from tutoring, you are also helping their development of the main subject.

 11 Advantages Private ESL Tutors Should Highlight to Get More Students
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