12 December 2012 Is End Of The World

In the ancient time there was a Maya nation in America. The region is the area between South and North America. The Maya nation made three different types of calendars to keep time records. In which they divided life of the world into seven different periods. None of their calendar ended peacefully and as history told us that the world faced terrible destruction according to their each calendar’s time order. Their fifth era calendar is ending mysteriously at 21st December 2012. After that what will happen? Maya nation is silent about it.

These words of this calendar are enough to increase the heart beats of human beings, at 21st December 2012 the sun will change its position and move in-between the galaxy (according to them sun is lying at one edge of this galaxy). If it will occur than it is hard to imagine that everything will change on earth.

How much Maya nation people had knowledge about stars?

In this era United States and other developed nations are nothing in front of them. For example, they configure most accurate calendars up to thousands section of decimal than Greek philosophers. Even they left the exact calculations of solar eclipses and lunar eclipses until 21st December 2012 which done precisely as predicted. They were well aware by the world’s largest galaxy and they represent center of this galaxy as “Holy Tree”. The more thrilling thing is that their predictions proved them right word by word. For example; they predict about their civilization that it will destroy by the attackers from the seaside. This was absolutely right! Their civilization was destroyed by the attackers from Spain. In addition, they accurately predict about the two world wars. According to this if their calendar is ending on 21st December 2012 then what will happen after this? This is such a query which is arising and talking about seriously in all over the world.

What was Maya nation themselves said about this? This is quite different and strange thing that there is not any prediction about events after 21st December 2012 in record by Maya people. Its reason is that the Maya’s books had burned by the attackers. However, few handwritten piece of writing discovered by remain world. The predictions we mentioned earlier were discovered by these articles but the strange thing is that there is not any sign about the changes at 21st December 2012.

What will bring the end of 2012 in the world like this?

One answer of this query is that after 21st December 2012 world will become center of peace, love and brotherhood, and the all negative sources becomes no more. This statement that the world will become heaven is not wrong because Maya nation have no concept about the end of the time. They were travelers of the circle. Their second unit of time was start at the end of the previous. This is other thing that the end of their every predicted era was not good. For example; according to them the first era of the world ended by the horrible monster called dinosaur. End of second era was due to heavy storms. Third period faced terrible fire and fourth era was due to flood. Now the fifth era is near to its end and mankind stand in front of a question mark that how it will end? Its answer not reached to us by Maya nation and also do not have the developed nations of the world. On this topic many books published at every year but the question is still there. Maya nation had a strong and very developed philosophy of invisible rays. They were supposed those invisible lights as “Mother”. They feel those lights around them and inside themselves. Even they feel those lights in plants, animals and every living object. Might be possible with the transfer of sun to new place, its new rays will connect with our inner rays and hatred, terror, fear and prejudice will die by its own from the world. On the other hand it might be possible at 20th December 2012 that you will quarrel with your life partners or you are beating your dogs and doing fraud with others but at very next day when sun raises your feeling will totally inverted. But with this it can also be happen that 21st December 2012 will be the most dangerous day at earth like; any terrible volcano will burst, nuclear war will start, horrific earthquake will turned the system of earth upside down or deaths will occur due to any horror blast.

If we see in the past than we come to know that there was no big disaster made due to the movement of the sun. This is not the first time it happened. 45000000 years old sun change its position after every 25800 years. Like this, sun already done same 150000 times in its life. If earth is safe till now despite of these phases then it will finish peacefully too. Human is helpless in front of these universal realities. If human being can do something then Maya nation which is consists of 800000 people must save themselves from the attackers of Spain in sixteen century.

According to this calendar in 2012 earth could not keep it self on the current axis, resulting volcanic explosion or strange and terrible change in weather or can be come in the form of earthquake. It has been done in between 1936 to 1956 but at very low level. New era of earth’s life will be brought very big changes. Can we play any role to stop this disaster? Nobody have its reasonable answer! But China already doing work on this matter.