123 sustainable homes under 35 years

123 sustainable homes under 35 years: this is the largest European project for social rent

Located on the western outskirts of Milan, under the significant name of ‘Cenni di cambia mento’ (‘signs of change’ in Italian), the largest European project for social rent, which houses 123 apartments in 4 buildings of 9 floors are each one, all sustainable and endowed with the highest possible energy rating to user level

The first tenants of the residential complex arrived in September 2013 and today form one of the youngest communities in the country since 75% of residents are under 35 years. The complex has common areas such as a community hall, land for orchards and gardens (including the roof of the houses)

In addition, tenants are part of a project that will eventually take over the management of these common spaces, as well as to implement services such as extracurricular activities for younger or car-sharing programs, among others

88 of the 123 homes have been assigned through a public tender, 44 with a special rental fee and half of hire-purchase. The average monthly rental price for a house with 3 bedrooms of about 70 m2 is 450 euros

The structure of these houses consists of 6,100 m3 of hardwood plywood panels that come from a certified forest reserve Austria, provide strength and prevent the use of fixed pillars

This project ‘Cenni di cambia mento’ was conducted by the Italian real ‘real estate Polaris’ in collaboration with the foundation ‘I Cariplo’ of the Lombardy region. In turn, the partner of the initiative is the City of Milan, which has provided the surface

By: EsamPim