13 Things You should Never Do With Your Logo Design

A successful logo designer would never want to commit even a small mistake in producing masterpieces every other day. However, a busy schedule, some urgent work or an unexpected problem might hinder his desire. Most importantly, humans are not angels. They err, accept their mistakes, regret them and in the end, learn from them.

Here is a compilation of some of the don’ts for a logo design, to help you avoid unintentional mistakes in logo designing.

  1. Don’t use clip art. Bring innovation in your work by avoiding commonalities. Remember that success has no shortcuts.
  2. Don’t become a copycat. Think from your own mind, trust your creativity and incorporate the reflections of your mind in the logo.
  3. Don’t make your logo too fancy. Try to keep them simple, elegant and memorable.
  4. Don’t split your logo. Connect the important features of your logo and maintain a flow in the logo’s appearance.
  5. Don’t use texture backgrounds. Keep the background of logo simple and plain so that it can be used in several places. A simple background always dominates the surrounding elements.
  6. Don’t change the color of your logo frequently. If there is a dire need of changing the color, then bring some alteration in the design as well and introduce it as a new logo.
  7. Don’t use illusionary designs or font styles. Keep it readable at the first glimpse. Remember that once the logo becomes famous, it will attract the people at their first glimpse only.
  8. Don’t use complicated and packy designs. Make it identifiable and clear.
  9. Don’t use different fonts in a similar logo. Introduce new logo if you feel the need for font change.
  10. Don’t use shadows in the text or background. Also, keep the colors plain and simple. Avoid using shades of a color in a similar logo.
  11. Don’t use stretching or positioning effects on the logo picture or text. A logo, that appears straight on the screen of vision, has more chances of success than a fabricated or angled logo design.
  12. Don’t think inside the competitor’s box. Competition increases when innovation and vitality is introduced by the competitors. However, the introduction of innovation is always the winner.
  13. Don’t keep the logo effects limited to a certain time. The client might demand you to meet his timely business needs, however, as an expert logo designer company, you should think about a long-term logo plan.