15 ways to make quick money

Do you need cash fast? Are you in debt? Do you get a paid (bills or rent)? Are you suffering from financial problems and don’t earn enough money? In this article I will try to show you how to earn cash fast by suggesting some ideas to make money. So try to choose the way that suits you according to the amount of money and available time you got to apply this way.

1. Work as a babysitter: baby sitter is one of the quickest ways if you need cash fast, all you need is to look after a baby and be awake and you gonna make money after the baby’s parents come back. You can make it an additional day job for you. Just try to set a good price depending on where you live and you can also join websites as sittercity.com to expand your job. Don’t forget to tell your friends or your family they might need you in this job.

2. Work as a house cleaner: this job is harder than the baby sitter one, but you will be paid more than a baby sitter. If you decided to work in house cleaning you will need to start working first on your friends and family houses because those people who will be your references when you work for customers. You can ask your friends to clean for free and pay you good feedbacks instead of money. It will give you a good reputation and attract new customers. Later try to offer new services as window cleaning or carpet cleaning.

3. Take the dogs for a walk: lots of people love dogs, but not everyone got the time to take his dog for a walk for many reasons as (new puppies that need to piss once at least every four hours – the dog owner’s job is exhausting or the dog owner got physical disabilities). You can benefit from this if you love dogs by offering take care of the dog and take it for a walk.

4. Sell your used CDs or DVDs: if you got some original CDs or DVDs of films or music albums you can make quick cash by selling them. May be a friend is interested in buying a CD for his favorite singer as fast as you tell him about this original CD.

5. Delivering phone books: you will need to detect who is offering this job your local telephone service provider or a publisher.

6. Apply to work as Census Worker: this job is a short term job and it will suit many people who need cash fast because it’s offering high revenue, paid training, paying for work related expenses and the most important thing it’s offer flexible hours

7. Rent your vehicle: whatever vehicle you got there are people need it and you can make good cash from it by renting it. For example people looking for cars to go to a far destination, van or trucks to move their stuff to the new place they hired…. Etc

8. Advertise for others: this is usually one day job and you can get money fast at the end of the day. You can hold a sign or wear a t shirt or put a sticker on your car that refer to a product or whatever you advertise for.

9. Rent a room of your house: you are the owner, you put the rules, and you rent for the time you want (days, week, and months). Try to write all the terms, including security deposit terms in a contract to help to protect your property from any possible damage.

10. Teach your language to students: you can establish a class to teach English for non English speakers even if you don’t get a language specific degree. For example, it will be ok to teach the beginner levels.

11. Recycling: you can recycle the cans of drinks, old tires or even printing cartridges. Just think how to get them, you can host a party and ask friends to bring cans with them. Or join a party and ask the host to stay after the party to clean free and take the cans after you finish. Ask friends if they still keep the old tires or printing cartridges, tell them to keep it for you.

12. Use gift cards to make money: if you got some gift cards you can make quick money by selling them and the best thing about it that you can sell them all once or sell group by group… There are not a lot of people who will buy only one.

13. Look for the forgotten change: it happens to me, I always forgot money specially in my pockets, although I am sure that I have empty them and I don’t discover this till I wear these clothes again (once upon a time I forgot money in my jacket and I stored it because the weather begin to be hot and I didn’t notice the money till I wear it again in the next winter). Start looking for your forgotten money in your pockets, laundry hampers, fallen coins underneath or behind the refrigerator, bedroom closet, the little spots in your car and much more. Just focus where can coins fall and where do you left money (kitchen shelf after buying you grocery).

14. Cash in your life insurance: if you got a life insurance you can cash it for that fast cash you need. You don’t have to be dead to benefit from it! If you can’t find any way to get the money and you are penniless call your insurance company and ask them how much they gonna pay you if you want to cash it right now.

15. Sell items at roadside: it’s one of the best ways to make quick money, think about what you can sell on the roadside (choose something profitable and not highly perishable like: cold soda, bottled water or baked goods)
Now, after all these ideas to make money start now and take action. I think you choose an idea to get the quick money you need. If you didn’t like any idea there are many other ways to get fast money just ask friends or search the internet but don’t waste time if you need cash fast.