150cc Scooter

150cc scooter gas mileage ratings are a good reason to look at a 150cc scooter as an alternative mode of transportation for you or a family member. Some 150cc scooters have gas mileage ratings that go well above 100 miles per gallon (mpg). The rise and fall of gas prices is very unpredictable for the average American consumer but the energy savings you get from a 150cc scooter’s gas mileage almost make the price of a gallon of gasoline irrelevant. From time to time, some areas of the United States have experienced gas prices of more than $5.00 a gallon. This is almost double what most families have adjusted to as the normal cost for fuel. While this is the norm in many places around the world, it places a big financial strain on many in the United States, so having a street legal 150cc scooter with a gas mileage rating of 100mpg or more could help protect your family’s finances.

Around Town Around Campus

A 150cc scooter would be great for short trips around town or around campus for a college student. Most of us are used to seeing scooters in large American cities, tropical or island settings or European cities but more American neighborhoods are becoming micro-cities that have shopping and restaurants located in and near highly populated areas. If you live in one of these micro-cities, you could take advantage of your 150cc scooter gas mileage rating for a quick dough-nut run and leave the car at home. If you get a scooter, you won’t have to drive the kids to the neighborhood clubhouse and pool. Just let them ride their scooters and leave the car at home. Just watch your friends and neighbors get scooters after they see how cool yours are. Ridiing scooters on trips like this will save you gas, wear and tear on your car and even though it may not be a Harley, it makes the trip fun.

Easy on the Budget

150cc scooter gas mileages rating make them attractive transportation options for some college students. A street legal scooter could be the way to go for the student that lives and works off campus but can’t afford a car. The150cc scooter gas mileage rating is a no-brainer but these scooters are less expensive than cars overall. When you compare the purchase price, insurance, gas, and maintenance cost of a car versus a scooter, the scooter is much easier on the budget. Some schools don’t allow freshmen to have cars on campus but they allow bicycles and scooters. All things considered, a street legal 150cc scooter would be a great mode of transportation on campus.

150cc Scooters are Sleek and Stylish

The 150cc scooter gas mileage rating is a big selling point but scooters are also sleek and stylish. Other than the obvious design differences, some scooters look almost like their Ninja style motorcycle cousins. In many cases their paint schemes are brightly colored eye-catching designs. There are a lot of different styles of scooters and options to choose from including windshields, disc brakes, remote controls, alarm systems, and a trunk for storage space for your scooter. Speaking of storage space, scooters are so small that you don’t need a lot of room to store a scooter. They can fit in some small spaces like in an apartment or in a dorm room without getting in the way. It’s hard to beat the gas mileage, cost, and convenience of a street legal150cc scooter.

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150cc Scooter for Under $1,000.00

The best part is, you can get this for under $1,000.00 dollars if you purchase a 150cc scooter locally or on the Internet. That’s right, if you want 150cc scooter gas mileage savings, you can order a fully assembled street legal scooter and get free shipping from some vendors. If you do a side-by-side comparison of the cost of a scooter compared to the cost of a car you may see that a scooter is a viable optional mode of transportation for you or your family.

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150cc Scooter Notes

  • Always wear protective clothing and equipment when riding a 150cc scooter.
  • Comply with all Department of Motor Vehicles requirements (licensing, permitting, registration, insurance etc.,)
  • Always obey all traffic laws
  • Make sure the scooter you’re interested in complies with state and local laws. For example, the state of California has regulations for scooters.
  • Gas powered 150cc scooters are environmentally friendly vehicles.

A scooter could be one way to help lower the high price of transportation for you. Using your scooter for quick trips close to home or on campus at school, will save you gas which will save you money. You can get a great looking scooter cheap and with the money you save on gas you may be able to make up the cost of the scooter. But all of the fun that you’ll have riding your 150cc scooter will top off all of these benefits.

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