150cc Scooters for Sale Under 500 Dollars

Big Body Scooter 150cc Taotao ScooterA 150cc scooter for sale under 500 dollars can be easy to find if you know where to look. You could get a real deal if you’re willing to patiently shop around to find the scooter you want at a price you’re willing to pay. A lot of things go into determining the sale price of a scooter so you have to know what to look for when shopping for a scooter. You should research 150cc scooters and become an informed buyer. Don’t forget to check scooter laws in your state. You’re going to be spending your hard earned money so you want to get the best deal you can get. Taking the time to do these simple things could help you avoid surprises later on.

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Find Your Scooter on Your Fb, Twitter Network

So where do you look for a 150cc scooter for sale under 500 dollars? One of the best places to look for a scooter is on your social sites like Facebook and Twitter. That’s right, Facebook and Twitter. You probably won’t find anyone selling a scooter on these sites but you can use them to get the word out. How many friends do you have on those sites? How many friends do they have on their sites? You can leverage all of this potential by letting your friends know that you’re looking for a 150cc scooter. You don’t have to give all of the details, right? You’re just looking for a lead to someone that has a street legal 150cc scooter that you want to buy. You can ask your friends to help spread the word to their friends. You might not want this many people to know what you’re doing but hey, this is a free want ad people.

Pawn Stars

Pawn shops are another great place to look for a 150cc scooter. Pawnshops used to have a seedy reputation but their image improved over the years as their clientele changed. They went from being a place were drug addicts and down and outers sold whatever they could to get cash to a place were people from all walks of life look for deals. Pawnshops have become so popular that they’ve inspired television shows like Pawn Stars. In addition to improving the image of pawnshops, their upscale clients also bring better quality items to pawn. Here’s where you get the chance to find your scooter. Check out the pawnshops in your area to see if they have any scooters for sale. If they don’t have any, ask if they’ll call you if any scooters come in and leave your name and number.

Look what I Found on Craigslist

Online classifieds are another place to look for a scooter. Craigslist.org is the most well known national classified with some of everything you could want being advertised on the site. You can search anywhere in the US (at least the lower 48 and possibly Alaska and Hawaii) for a scooter. For example, here’s a screenshot of a 150cc scooter I found advertised on Craigslist.

Screenshot of 150cc scooter for sale on Craigslist

Links to Scooters on Amazon

You can also find scooters for sale on Amazon.com. They have a scooters for adults and pocket mini’s for kids. Try these links to see scooters on Amazon.

Brand New Scooters on Sale on Amazon.com

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Make A Checklist

When you find a scooter that you’re interested in, have a checklist of things to look for. You already know you’re looking for a 150cc scooter. So what else do you want? Figure this out before you leave home. You don’t want to make it too complicated but you don’t want to get out there with no idea of what you’re looking for or what you’re looking at. You have to ask yourself questions like, who’s going to be the primary rider? Where will you be riding it? How often will it be used? The style, gas mileage and performance history are major things to think about before you buy a scooter.

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Hidden Cost

$500 dollars is a lot of money for most people but it can mean the difference between a brand new street legal scooter or a used scooter with better gas mileage and more punch or power. Whether you get a new scooter or a used one for sale under 500 dollars, you need to add in the hidden cost of insurance and safety equipment. Insurance should be cheap but you don’t want to skimp on safety equipment.

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