1TB USB External Hard Drives

USB external disk drives offer a lot of commodity when it comes to your data. Typically, one will keep their backup on the external drive, and keep their favorite pictures, movies, music there, but also important documents. Today, however, we need much more space in order to store all our data somewhere that is not directly on the computer. Sometimes we do it because we don’t want anyone to tamper with important things, sometimes we don’t want to risk a virus, and sometimes we just want to have an organized archive on our externals. The reason does not matter – we know we need a lot of free space and about now a memory capacity of 1TB sounds perfect.

There are, of course, different types and brands of 1TB drives, according to the manufacturers, but we can also differ the portable and the desk type. The gist of them is the same – but the size and practicality of the portable ones is undeniable. Maybe you don’t mind it to be larger and taking up some space on your desk. Good for you, those are usually cheaper. But, in case you are searching for a small and nifty, you can find some inexpensive ones on this list.

On the right side of the article you can see a small selection of USB external disk drives that are inexpensive and really good and are widely regarded as some of the best ones.

Personally, I always go for something cheaper with good reviews, and this selection is just that – a narrowed down version of all the drives that are in the reasonable price range and that received excellent reviews from their satisfied users. Some of these are a bit more expensive because they are practical and require no software installation before you use them, and you can just plug them in and transfer your data immediately without problems.

In case you own one of these external drives, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.