2 Mistakes Often Made When You Don't Hire Buyers Agents

For many home and commercial property buyers, they trust their real estate agent and the agent’s company to do most of the footwork for them. But what if we told you that you could hire on a third party real estate partner who would work for you, with your needs and wants criteria in mind, and ensure that you get the best property and the lowest price?

Enter: Buyer agents.

Though there’s no doubt that your real estate agent is working for you to get you the best of the best, it’s always reassuring to have that other person there to help you along the way. Without a buyers agent Melbourne, who knows what could happen. Perhaps you could suffer from one of the mistakes below that other Australian home buyers have had to endure, starting with:

1. Overpaying For Property
Your real estate agent will work his or her best to get you the best price. But your advocate will work overtime investigating and supporting any reasoning that you may have to pay a particular price and to not pay a penny more. The more people you have standing in your corner and supporting your offer, the better, and the more pressure that the seller’s real estate agent will feel to seal the deal.

2. Negotiate By Themselves
Home buyers may think that they’re well equipped to negotiate with a seller’s real estate agent and the home owners themselves, but they more than likely have nowhere the experience and the expertise in real estate and negotiations to get themselves a fair deal on the property that they’re interested in. When home buyers hire buyers agents, they’re providing themselves with a negotiator who is knowledgeable and fluent in “negotiator-speak”, which means that they’ll be able to get a better deal on a property that they love than if they were to attempt to negotiate themselves.