2 Multi-tasking Time Management Tips

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Everyday, more and more people are learning how to multi-task, whether they are working at home or working in an office setting. Here are 2 multi-tasking time management tips that you might find helpful while you are working.

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2 Multi-tasking Time Management Tips, Seekyt

2 Multi-tasking Time Management Tips, SeekytSuccessful Time Management


– Be Flexible

Being flexible with the various issues you need to attend to while multi-tasking is essential. It can help you get more done than you anticipated. It can help you when you unexpectedly find that you need to change your priorities of what you plan to do and when you do it. Be willing to change your daily habits if and when the time comes for such a change.

2 Multi-tasking Time Management Tips, SeekytTime Management From the Inside Out with Julie Morgenstern DVD


– Limit Distractions

When you are able to limit distractions, you will find you are better able to manage your time. For instance, while you are multi-tasking, you will be able to accomplish more by limiting distractions such as answering unnecessary phone calls; you may want to consider the use of an answering machine or a caller id so you can get back in touch with others later when you have more time to spare. Some individuals may consider reducing time spent to do other things online while they are working online, such as checking email or visiting their social networks while working. For some, this may be the thing to do, however, personally, I will tell you that I do check email and occasionally visit my social networks if it fits in with my schedule, while working online and it does work well as far as time management goes.


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2 Multi-tasking Time Management Tips, Seekyt
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