2 Row Cotton Pickers for Sale

When you look for 2 row cotton pickers for sale there are several things to consider in your search. This article will highlight a few of the factors to weigh when looking at cotton pickers.

There are quite a few manufacturers of cotton pickers, some of which are more known for reliability than others.

John Deere – Pretty much the gold standard for agricultural equipment, but they also come with a premium price.

Case International – Another well-known manufacturer and strong competitor for John Deere.

CLAAS – Less well-known but makes high quality machines and is known for the harvesting speed of their machines.

Once you know what brand you favor for cotton pickers, you need to consider the features each model offers to be sure you get a machine you’ll be satisfied with.

• Fan Hours – spindle type pickers use a blower to move seed cotton to the collection baskets. Fan hours is a main indicator of how much use a machines has had. Lower is obviously better.

• Total Hours – Like fan hours, this indicates how much the machine has been used. This number should be higher than fan hours as the fan is not running the entire time the picker is in operation.

• Spindles – be sure to check the spindles for signs of wear and ask how many have been replaced.

• AC – If you want AC in the cab, be sure to select a model that is equipped with it.

• Mud scrapers – These help minimize mud build-up between the tires.

• High tires and Long Wheelbase – This helps keep the picker mobile in muddy fields and minimizes soil compaction.

• Two-Sided Picking – Some newer models have the ability to harvest from both sides of the row, which increases harvesting efficiency.

• Basket Capacity – The larger the capacity the longer you can go between having to stop and unload.

• Row configuration – make sure the row configuration on the picker matches how wide or narrow your planting is.

There are a lot of factors to consider while looking for a cotton picker to fit your needs and the features listed here are just a start. Be sure to do your homework while researching the 2 row cotton pickers for sale in your area.