2 types of lonely people you will find in life

In life, it is bound to meet these type of people regardless of where you go or where you are. Unless of course you're in the arctic, probably that is a different story~~

Life in the 21st century has been a lot tougher and challenging for everyone compare to the previous generations. Why is that? Ever wonder? Personal opinion, probably it is because of the need to stay and live happily. Bribe starts to worsen up, less trust among others and worst of all, the greed for more money. All these makes each one of us to start distant among ourselves to achieve what we always wanted to. Money. From betraying your own business partner to gain more to betraying your own family members to get the most properties from your late parents. Asides all that, as a student, it is mainly because of shyness, communication problem and yes, racial problems too! From what I have experience and learned until this very day, there is two type of lonely people that you can find in this wonderful world of ours.

  1. The “independent lonesome”

Now, these “independent lonesome” people are very much the straight-forward yet helpful people that you will meet. They are the type of people you want to meet to get an honest opinion on something and also the type that will help you out in good cause! These “independent lonesome” doesn’t need anyone or in other words, they are capable of going anywhere and doing anything ALONE. They less likely to ask help or anything from you! Nor do they even get bothered without any friends or anyone with them. I have met a few types of these people and of course they are friendly and also energetic but they mostly stick to themselves and doesn’t tend to go out much. They are also the type to have great skills in doing something and also great minds in accomplishing their own studies or work. What’s greater about them? These are the type of people that will achieve more in life! Well it does makes them to look and behave more mature and it is a good thing indeed.

  1. The “dependent lonesome”

They are by far the most……CHEERFUL people I have met. Not to say that the “independent lonesome” people are not cheerful. They are! But at times only. Most of the time it is these “dependent-lonesome” people who are always happy and carefree despite of exams, bad results or anything negative to them. They somehow could channel this negative energy to a better positive ones. If you ever do feel down, you could always ask them for advice or just to talk to them! Guarantee no regrets! Sometimes I do think how they could be happy at all times, even when they are at the saddest times in their life. These are the people that is worth having and worth keeping. BUT these people are also the ones that always ask help from you even though it is just a simple task. You see them alone most of the time yet they dare to ask help just from anybody! Even though you are not close with them, they would ask you to help them with personal stuffs. Not saying that it is bad but it could be annoying at times. Ever wonder why these cheerful end up alone? From what I have seen, most of them have annoyed those around them to the point where their own friends or anyone who is close to them to distant themselves. Also, some of them have communication problems. For example, Mr. Lonely wants to talk to Mr. A in English but Mr. A loves talking in Chinese instead and therefore abandoning Mr. Lonely even though Mr. Lonely is Mr. A’s first friend that he had met.

Life is indeed rich with experience. Not everyone in the world is bad nor good but sometimes we just need to accept the flaws of others. Being lonely is sometimes even more fun than being with friends. We could just do whatever we like regardless of anyone to care nor think about. Being alone is better than having friends that only obtains benefits from you and just dispose you off when you are not in need. (DO TAKE NOTE, THIS IS MY PERSONAL REFERENCE)