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2012 Jewelry Trends

Jewelry can take any outfit to the next level. It can be a statement piece that can tie your ensemble together. No one can deny the importance of a wonderful piece of jewelry, whether it’s a sentimental piece from a loved one or an eye catching, unique piece; jewelry is essential to any woman’s wardrobe.

The jewelry trends of 2012 offer something for everyone. The hottest trends explore tribal elements, ladylike details and a returned focus on earrings and bracelets.

Tribal jewelry pushes the limits when it comes to size, shape and pattern. Although this style may seem hard to incorporate into your wardrobe you can do it in a very easy way- start small. Adding a wooden bangle to a simple black dress can take your hum-drum outfit to straight out of Harper’s Bazaar. Chunky tribal bangles can be worn in a casual way, yet can also spice up cocktail dress and make your outfit fashion forward. When you’re ready and confident to step out of your comfort zone add in another piece and layer your tribal styles.

Ladylike jewelry never goes out of style. Pearls and delicate vintage pieces are a must for any woman’s jewelry collection. Designers like Tacori and Simon G specialize in these feminine styles. This is one trend that’s worth making an investment in. Although diamonds and pearls may be a bit pricier, since they are so classic and can be worn across generations they are worth the investment. Ladylike jewelry combines classic styling with modern inspiration, these pieces are timeless. This trend can be carried through your earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets- whatever you’re most comfortable with!

The earring is making a comeback and returning to the spotlight. Designers are combining eye-catching designs with gemstones, making whimsical, light airy earrings, and using flowers as inspiration. Again, this is a trend for every woman, maybe you’re confident to try something bold and bright or just want to highlight your feminine style with light dangling styles, either way there are many earring options for any style.

Wrist candy is also a popular trend for 2012. The hot trend is to layer bangles, thick and chunky or even thin. Mix colors and textures to make a statement with any outfit whether casual or dressy. This is a simple way to incorporate the newest trends into your wardrobe without making a sizeable investment. You can find many costume options for any budget and since a lot of designers will group their pieces together it’s easy to know what bracelets to wear together for that layered look. The Pandora bracelet line is also popular and these personalized charm bracelets are perfect for layering with other like metal bracelets or even mixing in with a great watch. The Pandora bracelet can be a visual reminder of the amazing life memories that you are constantly making. You can add charms to represent milestones like anniversaries, children, and hobbies, yet also mix colors and textures, staying on trend.

Jewelry adds spice to any outfit- it can tell a story, draw attention and complete your look. Now that you know some popular fashions feel free to mix in your personal style to make the trends your very own.

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