2012 movies worth to be wait Part 1 : Snow White And the Huntsman

this is only my version, if you have another version, feel free to submit your suggest in the comment column below. so here we are :

as we know, there’e a lot good movie to be released in this years. From Romance movie like twilight to a super heroes movie in the dark knight rises. Those movie is sequel from the latest success movies in the past years. so no doubt about it the ‘Movie Freak’s’ will be curious to watch the new movies series in theater in 2012.

Snow White And the Huntsman

this is’nt snow white as we known. this snow white more tough than the legend story and have more dark background on it, but almost touch the real side of the story. maybe the story not to far with the book Universal Pictures studio make some change that make the story more have ‘power’ to make curious the audience. with Kristen Stewart (Bella in Twilight series), Charlize theron as the queen and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as the Huntsman, Snow White And the Huntsman pledge you not only a Bedtimes story, but The Legend to remain in the real life.

wow… that is the first words that out of my mind when I saw the first trailers of this movie. this movie trailers remind me to The Lord of The Rings Trilogy with some middle age war. Curious to watch Kristen Stewart play with those knight suit (harness), swinging the sword and go to the war zone as Snow White,

It’s Funny when I remember my first Snow White movie with 7 cute dwarfs and the song that make the jungle smile to her then now I wait the Strong Snow White with harness and swords appear in the theater. Now you watch the different Movies between the bedtimes story ans the ‘New’ story of Snow White and The Huntsman.