2014 Wedding Trends To Watch Out For

Weddings are always huge events regardless of whether it is planned to be a big function or an intimate gathering. Although a wedding can be planned in as little as a few days, a growing number of couples prefer to start their wedding planning around a year before the wedding date.

No matter what kind of celebration you are planning for your wedding, it will help to know some of the wedding trends for 2014. Below are some of them.

• Colors. Just like for the fashion industry, the wedding industry usually has a set of colors that trend for a particular year or season. The wedding colors trend for 2014 can help you decide on your particular motif for the dresses and for what you will specify to your wedding caterer. For 2014, coffee, chocolate, purple, and citrus shades are expected to dominate.

• Technological Add-ons. With the level at which technology is integrated into our lives, it is not surprising that wedding details and add-ons that make use of technology have also become a trend. You may want to put a charging station for mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices that many of your guests will probably be bringing with them. You may also designate a hashtag for your wedding so that all social media and online posts related to your wedding will be properly labeled with the hashtag you indicated, making it easy for you to browse through them after the wedding.

• Green and environment-friendly. Going green and environment-friendly is a trend in almost everything nowadays and it is not different for weddings. If this idea appeals to you, make sure that all or most of your wedding details are environment-friendly. Some ideas are using recyclable or recycled materials, natural but sustainable materials, donating to an environmental group instead of handing out favors, and avoiding doing anything that will not be good for the environment.

• Picnic-style reception. More casual, picnic-style receptions are becoming very popular instead of the more formal, banquet style. This kind of reception is more relaxed and welcoming. However, you will have to make sure that the catering service in Alabang or any other place that you will hire can pull off this setup in a casual and elegant manner. Having this kind of reception will set your wedding apart from the usual wedding reception that your guests are probably used to.