3 Best Dyson Vacuums for Hardwood Floors (You'll Love #2)

What is the Best Dyson for Hardwood Floors?

Trying to workout which is the most effective Dyson vacuum for cleaning your hardwood flooring, can be quite tricky & rather overwhelming given the sheer amount of models there are available. However, we have simplified it down to three of the best Dyson vacuums that are most capable of cleaning any floor (incl. your wood floors) with absolute ease (especially #1 & #2). So you are bound to find the ideal Dyson vacuum cleaner from the range below.

#1 Dyson DC65 ANIMAL Complete

Welcome, to the ‘one vacuum to rule them all‘, the DC65 Animal Complete — ‘capable of’ & ‘proven to’ clean better than any other vacuum across hard floors. It is crammed with all of Dyson’s latest state-of-the-art cleaning technology: i) Re-modeled Radial Root Cyclone technology – allowing it to capture more dirt than any other cyclone system. iii) Self adjusting cleaner head – whereby it lowers itself automatically to low hardwood floors, to reduce the air suction leakage, in turn offering a more optimal suction performance. iii) Reconfigured brush bar – that applies 25% more power than any other Dyson vacuum and iv) a huge 245 Air watts of constant suction power. Hence, no wonder why it is the ‘best of the best’ — it will make very little work of cleaning debris, dust, dirt and pet hair (large or small) on your hardwood floor.

It comes with an arsenal of cleaning tools & attachments as well to improve its cleaning functionality even further: a soft dusting brush tool, stiff bristle brush, combination tool, stair tool, tangle free turbine tool and more. The DC65 is based on the same design as the DC41, so has offers extensive practical specifications: a 0.55 gallon bin capacity with a max reach of over 50 ft. Moreover, as you can see from the image, it is fitted with the latest Dyson ball technology, making it an absolute dream to clean and maneuver in and around your house with (given that it also only weighs 17 lbs). In all, the DC65 is easily the best Dyson for hardwood floors — and is literally the complete cleaning machine.

#2 Dyson DC59 Stick Vacuum

This ‘portable powerhouse’ is a great option to consider as well & I think you’re going to quickly fall in love with it. It is a cordless stick based vacuum that has the ‘same suction power as that of a conventional corded vacuum cleaner’ and is three times as powerful as the next best non-Dyson cordless vacuum (10 times the suction as a G-tech air).

Rating: 92% (sourced amazon.com)

It is capable of a 100 Air watts of constant suction power due to its two tier radial cyclone system, enhanced cobalt battery and ultra efficient Dyson digital motor. This attached with the legendary & much loved articulating hard floor tool, makes it the perfect cleaning machine for cleaning hardwood floors quickly and easily. Simply lift it from its docking station, attach the hardwood floor tool & get cleaning (no wires, no plugs, no hassle). An awesome cleaning machine.

#3 Dyson DC40 Multi Floor

Although, by no means the ‘best’ in terms of cleaning performance, the DC40 probably represents the Dyson as the ‘best value for money’ for cleaning your hardwood floors, given it is considerably cheaper that both the DC65 Animal Complete and DC59 Animal, at around the $300 mark. Yet despite it being so cheap, it still offers a very decent cleaning performance and will do a great job of cleaning your hard wood flooring.

Rating: 82% (sourced amazon.com)

The DC40 offers a lot of the unique Dyson technology such as the radial root cyclone technology (although a more basic version), self adjusting cleaner head (for optimized cleaning) and a powerful 200 air watts of constant suction power — so by no means don’t you go thinking that the DC40 won’t be up to the task. It will do a very good job, although just won’t be anywhere near the same league as the DC65.

Which Dyson Model for Hardwood Will You Buy?

Clearly, if you are after the top rated Dyson for hardwood vacuuming then the DC65 Animal Complete is your machine (although it ain’t cheap). Again, if it is cleaning convenience you are after, the DC59 Animal is perfect, powerful and quick (again though quite expensive). If you after a Dyson that will do a very decent job of your hardwood floors but don’t want to break the bank to buy it, the DC40 is the perfect vacuum. So which Dyson model will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

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