3 Great Corporate Team-Building Activities

Work is not just about clocking in and out, keeping to yourself, and dealing with your boss’s unrealistic requests any more. The concept of work culture has grown to embrace more than just an employee’s competence and ability to get the job done—now we value satisfaction, fulfillment, team-building, and personal growth as things that should come with work too. Our happiness and health go hand in hand, and happier, healthier employees simply work better, too.
As G Adventures CEO Bruce Poon Tip points out in his book Looptail, there are “four conditions that create the environment in which you can achieve happiness: The ability to grow, being connected, being part of something bigger than yourself, and freedom.” If you can offer your team all four of these essential items that support their happiness, they will commit to your organization and go above and beyond expectations.
One way to achieve this is through team building activities. For example, footing the bill for attendance to a professional conference or training seminar will show your team you care about their professional growth while coordinating a volunteering project within the community encourages personal growth and shows that working toward something bigger than oneself pays off in many ways. Looking for group activities to keep your team motivated and happy? Try any of the 4 ideas below.
• Volunteering – One of the most rewarding experiences is volunteering to help the local community in some way. Whether you organize a beach cleanup, volunteer at a local homeless shelter, raise money to donate to a charity, participate in a 5K benefit run, or any of the other endless options for helping a good cause, your employees are sure to take pride in the fact that their company gives back to the world.
• Sports – From coordinating an adult softball league to having the entire team take surfing lessons together, athletic group activities are fun, healthy, and pump up the team spirit. By incorporating sports in your company bonding activities, you also encourage physical activity, an important component of overall health and happiness. (Not to mention healthier employees mean cheaper health care costs!)
• Team Trips – Take the team on a trip to get to know each other and also get in better touch with the company they work for. That can mean attending a conference, convention, or trade show, or even taking a tour of the manufacturing plant, farms, or other place your product is created. Put at least one team trip into the budget every year and make it count.
Choosing a team-building activity that heightens your employees’ social responsibility, physical activity, or professional growth is a great way to show that you care about their overall experience working for your organization. Keep in mind that employees who feel satisfied ultimately do better work, are more loyal to their organization—something that’s good for everyone. In 2014, commit to making your team culture a priority and enjoy reaping the rewards of happy employees.