3 Great Ways to Keep Money In Your Pocket When Shopping For a Craigslist Car

Buying a used car is something that many people have a hard time doing because there are so many unknown factors. For instance, you just never know how well the previous owner took care of the car. Did they change the oil every 3,000 miles? Was the transmission properly serviced? These are questions that you may never know the answer to. While there will always be uncertainty when it comes to buying a used car, there is one thing that you can be certain of and that is not paying too much. Here are three ways that you can make sure that you are not paying too much when you shop for Craigslist Cars.

Don’t Let the Seller Know How Much You Have

Over several years as a used car salesman, I have encountered several people who are willing to immediately disclose how much they are able to spend on a used car. Naturally, I would try to match them up with their budget. When speaking with the seller, do not make any statements about how much money you have to spend. The seller will not budge off of their price if they know you are going to spend x number of dollars.

Come Prepared With Facts

When it comes to negotiating with the seller, you may be tempted to throw out a number. Many times, a seller will question your method of coming up with a particular value and quickly respond with a “no”. Before you give the seller a chance to say no, let them know that you have done your homework. Take a look at similar cars in your area and see what they are selling for. You may be surprised to see that there is quite a bit of variation between vehicles. This is because every car is different and every seller’s situation is unique. For instance, one car may have 170k miles and the seller is desperate to sell because of a move while another car may have 100k miles and the seller has no motivation to sell. In this case, the seller with no motivation and the lower mileage car will of course have the upper hand.

Leave Your Options Open

There is no better negotiation tactic than to let the seller know that you have options. Rather than jump on a deal immediately, wait a day or two before making a decision. Tell the seller that you are trying to decide between their car and another. Make them fight to purchase your car. Competition is always a great way to drive down the price of a car.