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3 Important Functions of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

There are many ways to market a business online, and Google AdWords is one of the more popular among them. Where Google AdWords stands apart the from competition is that as other methods of online advertising come and go, AdWords remains a constant. Those looking to diversify their online marketing or who are weighing the pros and cons of a pay-per-click advertising campaign must consider the information below.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords was the first highly successful method of pay-per-click advertising, and for that matter online advertising as a whole. It allows online marketers to create an ad campaign centered on keywords designed to drive targeted traffic to a website or landing page. Once a business owner selects the keywords, or series of keywords, that they want to utilize, they buy a number of ‘clicks’ to direct leads back to their designated website or landing page.

One of the many benefits to this type of the advertising is that AdWords campaigns can be designed to match a budget of any size. While a major corporation may invest thousands of dollars a month in pay-per-click advertising, smaller businesses could invest just a couple hundred dollars each month or each quarter.

How Google AdWords Can Help Drive Traffic

This type of campaign drives traffic by bringing a website visitor who was searching for a similar product or services on a search engine to a new page. These campaigns can also be used to send targeted consumers to a new page who were originally browsing for something entirely different on a different part of the site. That being said, in order for pay-per-click campaigns to be successful, the title and keywords must be relevant to the target audience—and the page it directs to must be designed for success.

Three Ways AdWords Will Improve SEO

The goals of AdWords advertising are not just to create conversions, but to improve overall SEO, according to Forbes contributor John Rampton. Below are just a few ways AdWords will improve SEO, according to Tyler Tanigawa of Point It Digital Marketing:

Drives New Traffic—Whether a company turns to AdWords a couple of times each quarter, a couple of times a month or on a daily basis, the campaign will successfully drive new traffic to the website or landing page.

Drives Targeted Traffic—While new traffic is always good, targeted traffic is even better. To further improves success, marketers can control the campaign by freezing the campaign and restarting it in a day or two. This will help to spread the increase in traffic out over a longer period of time—which is better for small campaigns because it will not appear as if there was only a random day or two of increased traffic.

Drives Return Traffic—Since the traffic these campaigns attract is highly targeted, the odds of the traffic remaining consistent is increased. To increase the rate of return traffic, marketers must ensure their content is high-quality, engaging and has a clear call to action, according to Forbes contributor Gene Marks. In fact, some small and medium business owners invest in AdWords as much for the increase in returning website visitors as for the increased new traffic and conversions. But Marks also notes that ‘using AdWords technology is a complete waste of time if your website isn’t ready.’

To help gauge each of the three areas of opportunity detailed above, AdWords campaigns come with analytics reports that marketers can use to measure their return on investment. It may take a few test runs to get things just right, but the efforts will be well worth the time.

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