3 Important Things you’ll learn From Yoga Teacher Training

I had been practicing yoga for many years when I determined to go to yoga teacher training. But, a few days back I got an offer letter for a teaching job, so I left for the training. The yoga teacher training has changed many aspects of my life, including my career. I have learned lots of things during yoga teacher training, and I have mentioned top three in this post.

1. Set Up A Foundation

A well planned and performed yoga teacher training must provide you a strong foundation in the fundamentals of teaching yoga. You must walk off with a useful and personified understanding of the structure and physiology such as yoga history or philosophy, teaching methodology, the energy body, cueing and sequencing, in detail understanding of asana, pranayama, mediation, safe alignment, a review of yoga styles, teaching at all levels and special populations, the business of teaching yoga, living as a yogi and of course Aycurveda. In addition, you must go away feeling prepared for confident to teach a safe and effective yoga class.

2. Get deeper Your Yoga Practice

Yoga teacher training will help you to make deeper your personal practice on several stages. You cannot help, but make a commitment to your asana practice more than the course of your training. In addition, you will also learn that to be a genuine and effective yoga teacher or guru you have to put into practice what you teach. Remember, a great yoga teacher training will not motivate you to commit to a daily asana practice, but to make a space for regular meditation as well as to continue to study plus include yoga philosophies into your life too.

3. Find Out The Yoga Teacher Within

Remember, you are your best teacher, and having a mentor, continuing to take yoga trainings, studying with Master Teachers, making a real yoga community as well as taking yoga practice off the mat are all very vital. However, on and off the yoga mat you know what is best and what is not for your body, mind and heart.

Even if you have never practiced yoga know that yoga makes the body flexible. But, this is just one of its many physical effects. The advantages of yoga go far beyond flexibility and getting the deepest layers of the body. Every asana, prayanaam or yoga posture has a physical reason as well as each one aims some area of the internal body such as stimulating organs and glands in order that they correctly function, improving joint mobility and strengthening body muscles. Besides, they stand effect on most of the body systems like endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, reproductive and urinary.