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3 Most Important items you need to preserve your photos

3 Most important items you need to preserve your photosdigital camera
Say goodbye to films and embrace the new technology. How many photo albums do you have in your facebook or twitter or instagram account? Nowadays it like people have forgotten about photo album [the one you buy in the shop and arrange your photos inside] and frames because we can easily share and store our photos in social media. Although technology has really taken over, still having tangible and actual photo

photo frames

s in your hand is very crucial. That why you need to print your photos buy picture frame and hang your best photos on the wall. Look at these photo frames from eBay online store Victorian Style Vintage Shabby Chic Photo Picture Frame Selection Shabby Chic It’s a great product from a wonderful seller. Just click it and have a look at it.

Let now look at this printer
I got it amazon online store Canon SELPHY CP780 Compact Photo Printer. With 72 positive reviews from customers and 53% being positive, it seems it a worth your money and you will not print your photosregret buying it. They are many printers in amazon, walmart and also eBay that is online store. In your nearest electronic shop am sure you check and get one for yourself.

1. It provides the best services possible that is printing beautiful, clear and water resistant photo.
2. Share the photos via Bluetooth you don’t need to connect cable from one device to another. Ensure all the gadgets are Bluetooth enabled.
3. It has been designed in such a way that it light, compact body and portable. You can go with it anywhere you want.
4. Before you print the photos you can preview, edit them on the coloured 2.5” LCD screen
5. You can print a full or portrait photo. The choice is yours.
6. This printer is of good quality and it long lasting. This helps you save money and time.
Feeling thankful to the latest technology, now you can buy your own printer and print the photos from your PC, smartphone, iPad or iPhone

There are different companies making different types of printers. Each company claim their product offers the best services but how do you prove that. So if you really want to buy a quality and best photography printer there are things to consider.
Cost. Check the total cost and running cost. When you buy a printer you are given the ink and printing papers free but you should know that they will not last forever.

Design.This is not a dress or a pair of shoes that you have to check the one that look good. No it all about how effective it performing it functions. So I would encourage you test the printer before buying and how it prints the photos.
The size. Are you buying big printer for the company or it for your personal use because they come in different sizes. The printer that is used to print a 4 by 6 photo cannot be used to print magazine photos. If you are buying for personal use then choose a portable size.
How is it connecting? Is it manual or digital? To transfer the photos from the camera or memory card do you use USB cable or Bluetooth. Actually, the latest printers are Wi-Fi connected so you can easily send the photos via Bluetooth and finish your job.

Now that you have bought a printer and know how to print your beautiful photos. Where do

store your photo safely

you put them? You need a beautiful and quality photo album like this one from eBay online store Purple Vintage Large 6′ x 4” 200 Photos Slipin Photo Album with Memo Area Click the link and learn more about it. It a great product. When visitors come in to your house or you want to remind yourself those beautiful moment you can view the photos. As for a phone it can get lost or the photos deleted due to space but for the photo album is there to stay. Keep your best memories safe.

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