3 Pink Accents for Your Fall Wardrobe

Classy Hints of Pink

Pink– the quintessential color of femininity, the varying mixtures of red and white, the POP in your fall wardrobe. If you’re looking to add that accent color to this years fall neutrals, pink my be it.

The hints of pink below are handmade and designed by independent designers from around the world.

CooKoo Watch (Pink)

Tired of looking constantly checking your smartphone? The CooKoo Watch is Bluetooth 4.0 ready to connect so you can just look down at your wrist as if you are checking the time.

Missed & incoming call notifications and calendar reminders keep you up to date. One button Facebook check-in, tagging and remote trigger camera action keep social media at your fingertips even when your phone isn’t.

Created by ConnecteDevice of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Cork and Leather Geometric Shoulder Bag

Bringing together contemporary and natural, this shoulder bag brings together the cleanliness of urban geometrics with the neutrality of cork. The hint of pink in this article is just enough to pop and the neutrals allow it to tie any other part of your fall wardrobe.

Designed by Georgina Skalidi of Athens, Greece.

Top Down Pink

Simple, delineated areas– shapes. These pink glasses pop!

Handmade in New York City, USA.

Designed by Lymn, Hanny Ahern – New York, New York.