3 Reasons Every Writer Should Blog


If you’re like many people I know, “start a blog” is probably one of your new year’s resolutions. But now, you have not.
I get it. I’ve been there.
But trust me, your writing life needs the benefits managing a blog provides. Here are the three top reasons to blog.

1. A blog helps you build a writer platform

Your online platform is your ability to reach people. If you’re planning to approach agents, publishers and editors with your manuscript, a blog with several hundred (or even several thousand!) readers can boost your chances of acceptance.
And even if you’re going it alone, a blog is an even more powerful tool. You can offer services – like freelance writing or editing – through your blog; readers who find your posts valuable will be more likely to hire you. For non-fiction writers, a blog is also a great way to give readers a taste of the type of content they can expect from your book or ebook.
It’s really a no-brainer. So do it.

2. It establishes you as an expert

A blog helps you hone your skills as you have to write, edit and publish content frequently.
People won’t just pay you big bucks for being confident. They’ll pay you because you’re confident about what you know! The difference between someone paying you $5 for an article or $50 for the same article is whether you’re perceived as an expert or not.
That’s why people don’t go to freelance writing portals like Freelancer and Guru to find “experts”. They go to authority blogs
Having a blog makes it easy for people to get in touch with you directly, without a middle man, and without any distractions. So go make your own blog today.

3. It helps you make connections

Blogging has helped me connect with so many wonderful writers– both aspiring and professional. I’ve also made friends around the blogosphere by guest posting on other sites. These connections have opened doors for me, helped me write better and land premium clients.


Blogging is ideal for writers. The benefits are enormous but these are just the three most striking. It’s really worth it. Give it a try.