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3 Reasons for Which Encryption Is Not Reliable

Encryption is something on which a tech advanced user will always rely upon as it has the capability to encode the written text in such a way to render it unreadable for others. It embraces an algorithm for securing electronic data against unauthorized access and use. Most of the banking websites, online shopping portals, payment gateways, and other prominent financial web pages use this layer of security to protect their valuable customer data from being accessed by a hacker or an identity thief. Various powerful SSL parameters are specifically designed to transform the message or information (plain text) into an unreadable ciphertext by using an encryption algorithm, which make the text safe to be online.

Although, many of the giant websites and online payment gateways proclaim that their online mediums are guided by the high degree of encryption, but there are still some loopholes in it. What if one day you come to know that the security that you rely upon will soon turn obsolete, leaving all your data and application with a simple lock like protection? Have you tried to gain information about how your service providers deal with your data when it comes to its security and privacy?
You might not have thought about these situations in the past, but you need to think now as your data security is at stake.

In this article, you’ll read about the 3 reasons which will make you feel that the encryption technique isn’t a reliable means to safeguard your data.

1. Technology keeps on changing and so does encrypting techniques
Tech experts comment that the toughest encryption today will be beaten up by the weakest encryption of tomorrow, hence, the encryption techniques should also update themselves to meet the improved industrial standards. It is an inevitable reality that technology will keep updating itself from time to time and the future will be filled with many such threats, leaving you worried. The basic idea behind this reason is to make a user aware about the fact that the level of encryption that your service provider is offering you isn’t enough for your data security.

Hackers keep on updating their knowledge about encryption techniques and develop the malware codes that can end up stealing all the crucial information existing in encrypted form. Therefore, companies engaged in developing encryption codes should lay extra emphasis on creating codes with tightened security. Ensure that your service provider doesn’t encrypt your data using outdated algorithms otherwise both you and the provider will have to suffer for that, ending up feeling disheartened for an accident.

2. If government can cracks something, then why not hackers

You’ve probably made the use of SSL encryption while using your Facebook account, emails, bank website, and other such prominent websites. But have you ever thought that what you will do if some government authorities will pass an ordinance and remove the layer of security that you’ve been offered with? Recently, the NSA has cracked RSA and SSL by proving that the security layer has many loopholes in it and the technology is simply outdated.

Matter of concern is that if a government agency can do this kind of activity, then why can’t a hacker? Hackers may grab a piece of the NSA’s pie and quickly learn to how to crack their way into those highly-protected servers. Trusting any website of encryption blindly will be a foolish thing, hence, keep a track on the latest technology and choose the one that is most protected and safe.

3. Developers are same, hence beware

It’s quite obvious that developers who are engaged in developing apps and programs for you may have the similar knowledge and skills that an SSL security professional has. Therefore, it’s possible that a highly skilled developer will be able to break the SSL layer and steal the encrypted information for personal or financial benefits. Sometimes, the apps that you might download from unreliable sources may have malicious codes installed within them, and can steal your important yet crucial data. It has also been observed that apps from individual developers or very small startups are often riddled with privacy issues. So, choose wisely and always download apps from trusted sources to avoid privacy and security breaches.

Some of the important guidelines to stay safe from encryption issues:

• Keep an eye on the type of encryption your service provider uses and mark them as broken, if they are outdated
• Never email your important details such as credit card details, social security number, phone numbers, addresses, and other important details. Either go for face-to-face conversations or choose video conferencing to share such things, if required.
• Avoid using same password for every service instead, choose a different one for each to have a strong protection shield on your online accounts. If it is difficult to remember all those lengthy passwords, then use SSO services to manage and organize them easily.
• Always look at the permission requests that your apps send before you actually install them.
• Pay attention towards the website policies and the vendor details before processing online transactions.

Encryption has always been a preferred choice of users when it comes to deal with the security and privacy. Whenever, a user uses the Internet, he always hopes that he should not come across any such online ad, promo code, or something malicious that can turn out to be a threat to his data. But malware authors are smart enough to deal with this phenomenon as they create those ads and promotions in such a way that they appear real. Once the user clicks on that particular ad, the malicious codes get executed and start violating the layers of encryptions that are designed to protect your data from such threats. Hence, pay extra attention while dealing with online payments, promotions, bank websites, and payment gateways to avoid mistakes that can lead to partial or complete data loss.

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