3 Reasons Why Visiting Barcelona Will Change You

visiting Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the best cities not only in Spain, but worldwide as well. In fact, this city, located in the autonomous community of Catalonia, has it all: from great architecture, to sunny beaches and delicious regional food. In fact, most travellers who visit Barcelona usually go back for another tour, as this city certainly has an attractive power. Here is why:

  1. Architecture

Modern architecture is one of the most distinguishing features of Barcelona. Starting from the great works by Antonio Gaudí, the most significant practitioners of Catalan Modernism. La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Batlló are a just a few among numerous Gaudi’s works that everyday attract thousands of tourists. The combination of different styles, colors and materials make of Barcelona the place to go if you want to breathe that real Spanish spirit of creation. Even just by walking on its streets, Barcelona will make you discover a whole new world of art and architecture.

  1. Activities

Barcelona is certainly one of the most vibrant cities in the whole world, as there is always something going on here. Starting from one of the most favorite Spanish meal types, the so-called Tapas, to numerous music and art events happening in the city daily. Spanish people are also big fans of many sports, including soccer, so don’t get surprised if one day you will see hundreds of people watching a soccer game in a bar, while enjoying the great wining and dining. Whenever you are visiting Barcelona, you can also choose some great interactive and guided tours that will get you all around the city on a Vespa, while making new friends.

  1. Weather

Whether you decide to come here in early March or in mid-October, you will generally find a pleasant climate that will let you make the best of Barcelona. You can always head for a walk along the beach in the trendy Barceloneta, or take one of the trains to the closest beach destinations right outside of Barcelona.