3 Step on How to Deal With Difficult People

In daily life you learn all about deciding what you want and how to get it. But you also need specific guidelines to deal in situations when you meet some people that difficult to deal with.

I recommend the 3 step on how deal with difficult people:

One of the hardest things to deal with is the fact that some people will love you no matter how beautiful you are. The reason why someone does not like you may be wrong, fair or unfair. But they still affect how people relate to you.

First Step : Penetrate Peer Group.

Find a peer group of people who are not like you and trying to make friends with people in this group. Building good reputation with the people one by one so that you will shift the public image in the eyes of people who difficult to deal with.

It’s like doing your own PR campaign directly to the people who have the most influence on the opinion of people who do not like you. Peer pressure is a powerful way to change the perception of the group members.

Second Step : Find Reasons to Like the Difficult Person.

When some people clearly did not liking you what usually happens next? You start off not liking him or her in return!

It became a feeding frenzy that can spiral out of control very quickly. Some people can see your negative reaction to them and respond. You feel and see how much they have to belittle you and you respond more with hate and more difficult to deal with them. Like a tennis games, negative feelings will bounce back and forth.

You can break this cycle by deciding to find a way to like them. First you can make a quick list of creative things that you can like about the people. Make a lot of it for a good reason and also make a list of ways people like you.

Your eyes can be more open by this because we could have a very strong reaction to those who display the characteristics we do not like about ourselves.

The more reason why you come up with will be easier for you to feel positively toward others. The changes in non-verbal communication you will look and will help relieve some of the tension in the air.

This is often when the dynamics relationship can shift suddenly got better. Deciding to love others regardless of how they behave is the first step to make this happen. At least you’ll feel better. And when you feel better it’s much easier to find a solution to deal with difficult people.

Third Step : Taking Mini Steps Towards a Great Relationship.

With a person who difficult to deal with, the same rule still applies but you need to have more patience. Aims to make a little gradual progress with the people and from time to time you can shift the relationship from negative to neutral and may even be positive.

And be good to yourself if the whole situation is still bothering you. It is natural to feel uncomfortable when having people that difficult to deal. But you are the fools if you ignore them and not to deal with it.

Take charge of your communication with this difficult people and aims to improve the situation. The little progress you make will increase your confidence and help you communicate better with other people you’ve ever met.