3 Steps to Happiness in Life


It is hard being happy nowadays. All the stressful work, damaged relationships, financial status and so on has been dragging our face down since beginning! Furthermore, it does not only make us not happy, sometimes it makes us feel angrier and the hatred towards someone. All these is sure to bring back negative impacts towards us and what’s worst is that sometimes there is no one to depend or ask for help. Besides all that, there is more to come, SICKNESS! Sickness does not only come from infection from other people or being unhygienic, pressure from sadness or stress that we had would also be the cause to the problem. To prevent that from happening to us, here are some ways that you could do to help yourselves before it is too late.


It is important for us not to expect much from others because we humans are not perfect and each one of us has our own flaws. Some of us could procrastinate a lot, cheat, take advantage of people and so on with the negativity. Expect is a huge word that we use to confirm someone’s ability to make something or change something within a time frame and it would be done! It is also a sign where we put our trust and confidence in that person that we expect so much! Unless you know that person for a long time until the point where you know what time he/she is going to shower or even their private life so well, it is alright if you expect much from him/her but if you do not, it is best to put the trust and confidence to someone who will one day be with you for the rest of your life.


I bet most of us ever experience the anger and annoyance of a Hulk if you do not have enough sleep or eat. One’s necessity could deprive them from being happy and to be more aggressive each day. That is why it is important for us to have a good meal and enough rest every day before going to work or school. It would be sad and tragic if one day a relationship between you and your friend is broken just because one of you do not have enough sleep or eat! Besides, having to fulfil both of these every-day-desires could hype your day up and to be positive every hour! Moreover, you could think rationally and be more independent if you had more energy.


Accepting is something that we humans could not really do. Such as to accept that a relationship is over or to accept that someone we knew had passed away. We need to be more courageous and brave to accept something tragic that has happen to us. EVERYONE in their life would once experience a bad impact for a year or even a long time but we must be ready to accept all these into our lives or we would never move forward and to be stuck on something that has happen a long time ago or recently. Such common examples are relationship, certain relationship that last for more than 10 years or so could’ve been broken by something that both couple wouldn’t agree on! This is bad for both themselves and the people around them. If one of them is to learn acceptance then probably this incident could have been prevented!

To conclude, it is important for us to be happy for ourselves and to make those around us to feel livelier. No one wants a bad mood or sad face every day and every time. Also, a bad mood only gives a bad vibe to the whole community or among all your friends and family! As always, “prevention is always better than cure!”