3 Ways to Add Brilliant Red Fall Color to Your Landscape

If you want to make your landscape come to life in the fall by adding a some serious brilliant red color, look for further than these three rock stars of autumn.

The best way to add red color to your landscape is to go big so that it is a striking display. Instead of small plants, consider these more serious plantings for a lifetime of fall color to look forward to.

red maple turns an extreme red color in fallRed Maple

They don’t call it a red maple for nothing. When it comes to pure red fall color in a tree, it is very hard to beat a classic red maple tree.

Not only are the leaves bright red in autumn, the new stems are red in spring as well, giving the tree a red glow. If you’re feeling ambitious you can also tap your red maple tree for some fresh maple syrup.

You won’t have to wait forever either, as most red maple trees grow quite fast, so get a new red maple in the ground now so that you can enjoy it year after year.

burning bush is like a fire at it's peakBurning Bush

On the smaller side, the star of the show is the burning bush. This shrub or bush can be found in regular or dwarf sizes. The regular burning bush will grow quite large, easily bigger than you, while the dwarf may be easily maintained under 4 feet.

Chances are if you’ve driven around your neighborhood in fall and have noticed a shockingly red bush in a neighbors yard it was a burning bush. They are redder when they get sun, so don’t hide them in the shade.

To create a brilliant red display, plant burning bushes in mass and your yard will literally light up in fall.

red oak ranges from bright red to rustRed Oak

Like the red maple, the red oak displays sensational red fall color. Unlike the maple, however, the red oak will vary year by year and may be the hottest red color one year and more rusty the next. Either way, it is one of the prettiest fall trees you can buy.

Don’t be worried about the growth rate either. Red oaks are among a group of fast growing trees that will supply you with shade and great fall color in no time.

Add the fall display to the attractive winter shape of the red oak and you’ve got a definite winner.

Get Planting

If you are in need of some red fall color in your landscape, consider one of these brilliant red additions to your yard.