3 ways to make money at yahoo answers

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Many of you are using yahoo answers for getting your problem solved. At the same time many of you are helping people by answering to their questions. Many of us know yahoo answers is a site for getting solutions and for helping others. With its huge popularity and bulk content that includes numerous keywords, it is an authority and gets millions of traffic. Unfortunately they do not reward the user for the contributions.

Here are the ways through which you can earn extra bucks in your pockets. Yes it is possible and people are making decent income through them. After reading this many of you might be trying to do the same. Here I promise that I will help you by guiding you in a step by step manner. Initially do nothing. Just start with this guide that I will update very often.


1. Open google.com and type the name of the site. Then register for a free account. They wont charge you anything for doing that. Some members get banned from them and here are the reasons.

2. Now choose a particular topic. You should have good knowledge over the topic choosen.

3. Pick out some questions and answer them in a perfect manner. Build your points and gain your reputation. Now you have completed all the required formalities. You are about to start your journey. Rewards are not at all given by them and you have to earn them by the following methods.

1. Promote your blog and get traffic to it. If you have monetized it then you start earning those bucks. Here is a complete guide of using the site for getting tonnes of traffic.

2. Answer and give a solution for the person who is seeking help from you. Join CPA ad networks insert the appropriate links and earn for every action they perform.

3. Join affiliate marketing campains such as clickbank, amazon and others and promote their products. So, they are the steps to be followed and methods for extra dollars in your pockets.

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