3 Ways To Make Money From Home Without Investing

Investing money is good, and can earn you HUGE returns but what if you don’t have money to invest, isn’t there another way to still make money? Well, there are several ways to make money and the internet has made it really simple and profitable. For the past 3 years, I have been doing some business online. I failed in some but I bounced back and today, I want to share some profitable ways to earn extra money from home.

(1). Sell Your Skill
There must be some unique skills you have that others don’t, right now, you can make money from it. I know how this works because I have been selling my skills since 2010 and no regrets at all. First, you must discover one particular skill you have, package it and attach a price around it. Don’t worry about complaints, it’s part of doing business. Some great skills you can sell is web design skills, writing skills, speaking skills, dancing skills, accounting skills, customer service skills etc.

You can package your skills by writing an e-book, or a hard copy book and market it.

(2). Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the simplest form of business anyone can do at home. As an affiliate, you’re paid a commission for each sale you refer to another person. That means, you’re not the owner of what you’re selling, you’re simple acting as an agent who earns a commission from customers you refer. Why I love this business is because, you don’t have to answer any complaints, do refunds and send products. Your role is simply to refer the customer to the product’s sales page and when a sale is made, you earn commissions. Commissions are usually in percentage. The minimum percentage is usually 50%. If you promote a product that sells for $30, your commission is $15 – isn’t that wonderful?

(3). Resell Rights Products
Now, have you ever bought a digital product online like e-books, software etc. Some of those products come with Resell License. What this means is that you can sell the product at a fixed price and keep the whole profit. That means, you have the right to resell the product without consulting the owner. Instead of referring your friends and colleagues to the bookstore, you could sell your own copy to them and make the whole profit. It’s quite different from affiliate marketing where you share the profit with the product owner, here you own everything.

But make sure you read and understand the type of right attached to a product. Don’t violate license laws.