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3D Mirrorless Cameras 2013

In 2013, $500 mirrorless cameras are taking 3D pictures and video. In a YouTube video, a major camera manufacturer claimed that their mirrorless camera could take 3D pictures and video. In January 2013, Samsung announced the release of the companies new NX-300, 2D -3D mirrorless camera. Imagine the possibilities if these cameras take true 3D stills and video. We’ve seen 3D movies and televisions so why not 3D mirrorless cameras in 2013 and beyond. 3D technology is improving all the time and, for the first time, the average person can have it in the palm of their hand. Imagine what business cards, posters, family albums, and Facebook post could look like in the future.

3D Lens

In order to take 3D stills with the NX-300, you have to buy Samsung’s 3D-capable version of its 45mm F1.8 NX lens. That’s in addition to the standard 2D lens that comes on the NX-300. The 3D capable 45mm F1.8 NX lens could cost $499 more. It ‘s not compatible with previous Samsung’s earlier NX cameras.

Smaller Lighter

Digital Compact System Cameras (CSC) or Digital Mirrorless Cameras are the next big thing in camera technology. They don’t use the mirror and prism system that Digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras use. That makes them smaller and lighter. That makes it easier to slip it into your pocket.

Digital 3D Stills

Digital Mirrorless Cameras take the same great high-resolution pictures as SLR ‘s even without the mirror and prism system. They can do that because the megapixel ratings on Digital Mirrorless Cameras are the same as the megapixel ratings on mirror and prism Single Lens Reflex camera. The higher the megapixel rating is on a camera, the sharper the picture. But 3D pictures and video with a mirrorless camera could take photography and video to a whole new level.

One Touch Connection to Social Sites

A 3D image on a business card would certainly stand out. So would a for sale poster on a company employee bulletin board. 3D mirrorless cameras have countless applications in business, education, and in homes. This is Star Wars caliber stuff people. I don’t know what the possibilities are when it comes to posting on social sites like Facebook and YouTube but 3D on those sites would be amazing. Just think about all of those adorable babies and cat videos in 3D.

The Next Big Thing?

As with all new technology, 3D photography will improve with time. 35mm 3D video and stills could be the next big thing in a long line of improving camera technology. Remember those old four sided flashcubes that we snapped on top of our cameras? Well cameras have come a long way since then.  Camera manufacturers have given us digital photography, LCD view screens, and WI-fi, But 3D Mirrorless cameras 2013 may be the next big break through in cameras..

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