3G/Wifi Kindle

The Kindle 3 has been a blast off in the UK. It can only be purchased online through Amazon (you may check out the links above for its price). That is why everyone in UK can now avail the Kindle Reader fast and no hassle. Plus, it is guaranteed to have no delays and no hidden delivery charges.

Kindle review 3, as every Brit fuss about since the release of its predecessors, has been a demand from day one. And today is the first time in around two months that its stocks are readily available. Orders have to be made few weeks then before actually the eReader reaches your hands. Now that your wait is over, it is high time for you to take a closer look at the Kindle 6′ Readers available in the UK. As a complement to your love of reading and your craze about newly launched gadgets, here are your friendly guides to know more about your Kindle 3:

Specs and Techs

Size. At 190mm x 123mm x 8.5mm and weighing only 241grams (8.5 oz), it is perfect for those who are on the go and want the word ‘portable’ on top of their list.

Display. With its decent 6′ screen on the diagonal, the feeling of reading a small piece of paper is very much assumed… add the ‘easy-to-leap-to-next’ experience. The Pearl e-Ink technology that works this eBook Reader above among others in the market provides you a no backlighting feeling. With its improved definition and contrast, you may even read while having some sunshine outdoors without the disturbing glare on it. And its 16 shades of grey create a really crisp and well defined images and texts.

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Visuals. Because of the options on the font sizes and types, you may choose which ones to set as to what your eyes prefer to. Additional characters can be displayed on the Kindle 3 such as Japanese, both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Cyrillic. You may also add scripts in Latin and Greek.

Connectivity. With the Wi-Fi feature, you may connect to any available wireless connections and browse to your favourite eBook stores and sites to purchase and download swiftly anytime, anywhere.

And if no Wi-Fi connections are available, you may switch to Kindle 3’s other option – the widespread 3G mobile network.

Web Browser. The superb browsing capability of Kindle 3 will make your searches online through in a breeze. With its built-in system, you may share your favourite updates and passages in an instant by posting them to your Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Because the display can be rotated for either landscape or portrait, convenience on browsing and surfing is at hand.

Keys. A full QWERTY keypad below the display allows you to type and encode conveniently. Letting you find words and check some annotations in the e-Dictionary which is built in.

Since Kindle store uk 3 is portable, there is no need for it to connect to other computers for configurations and set ups. Everything works straight out of box.

Security. Every Kindle Book you order from the Kindle store is backed up to a secured online library. No worries for your favourites.

You may synchronize your Kindle account for a more organized library of notes and bookmarks from your other devices.

Battery Life. The battery power is so long that with the Wi-Fi switched off, your Kindle 3 can last for up to a month between charges.

Storage. Kindle 3’s massive flash memory allows you to store up to 3500 eBooks on the device itself. Though the built-in memory cannot be expanded, the accessible online back up library will be very much available.

Perks. A built-in MP3 Player is an additional feature in your Kindle 3. Perfect for those who love to listen to music or podcasts while reading.

A text to speech feature is also added on the built-ins. It reads menus and books for you if some publishers allow this feature to be used.

Kindle 3’s improved PDF Reader lets you do all your work at its full dress.

There will be no other eBook Reader that would provide you the technology and worth Kindle 3 offers.