4 Best Water Rowing Machines (You'll Love Rowing #3)

What is the Best Water Rower?

Are you interested in investing and working out with a top rated water rowing machine and gain all the benefits that they have to offer? Well if so, you are in the right showcase guide of best water rowers — where four have been carefully selected on a range of their merits, each with a slightly different & unique selling points, but all regarded as being premium products — suitable for all experience levels from beginners to competitors. You are bound to find the perfect water resistance rowing machine from this range.

#1 WaterRower’s ‘Ash Wood’ Rowing Machine With Water

Certainly the most well established makers of water based rowing machines is ‘water-rower’ and this ash wood with series 4 (performance monitor) is one of their most popular & best rated models. You might have even seen it being used in House of Cards by Frank Underwood.

Rating: 92% (sourced amazon.com). See here for other wood stain finishes of this water rower.

As you can see it has a truly beautiful finish to it, being handcrafted & stained with honey — a unique exercise machine that looks like everyday furniture, being able to blend seamlessly into most home’s decor and has a certain ‘I fancy a bit of rowing now’ appeal to it. The water-flywheel is set up specifically to perfectly mimic the ‘natural’ feeling of actual rowing (giving competitors a much better preparation for a race deal, than a magnetic resistance rower can offer you) & keeps the whole operation at whisper quiet noise levels.

The integrated S4 performance monitor details all your relevant real time fitness diagnostics such as calories burned, heart rate reached (coming with a heart chest strap & receiver), strokes per minute & more. It comes with a few additional handy features too such as the fact it can flip upright for convenient storage & dual railing for extra stability. Note: definitely check out the more affordable water rower’s A1 model too. In all, this is definitely one of my favorite water rowing machines.

Best Price: Just Over $1000 | Dimensions: 84 x 21 x 22 inches | Weight: 117 lbs

#2 RX-950 Indoor Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Another quality rowing water machine is the RX-950 from H20 fitness, that is based on a stainless steel heavy duty steel framework that utilizes a poly-carbonate water tank ‘Hydro Power drive system‘ to give you a realistic rowing workout sensation to that of ‘actually rowing’.

Rating: 92% (sourced amazon.com)

As you can see it has an integrated LCD display panel providing you with a range of workout read outs as you are working out and comes with a range of ergonomic designs (with every component being adjustable to accommodate all size users, small to tall) in place to make sure you are fully comfortable and well supported whilst working out. Relieving any stress felt on your joints and back. With regards to its ‘TITAN’ warranty, when bought new you get a lifetime cover on the frame, three years on the tank and two years on parts & components. Overall, it is a great water resistance rower, particularly for those who after an affordable commercial grade option for their home.

Best Price: $1,100 | Dimensions: 89 x 26 x 30 inches | Weight: 117 lbs

#3 Concept2 D Rower ‘Modified’ Rowing Machine Water Added

As you many know, Concept2 is essentially the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the rowing machine world, with their unrivaled machines being used by Olympians all over the globe. You may have also noticed that this Model D rower isn’t based on a water system (as from the image). However, upon purchase you are given the option for a ‘water simulation’ with Concept2 slide (that is bought separately) to give you that realistic ‘on-water feel’ — which works just as well.

Rating: 98% (sourced amazon.com) from over 450 reviews. Incredible.

The model D is the most popular on the entire market, being wonderfully put together & engineered. It has an advanced performance monitor and is designed on a clever low profile framework (to help you get on and off) and the only folding rowing machine from the lot, being able to split into two for easy storage (25 x 33 x 54 inches). A truly awesome machine, that you should certainly consider.

Best Price: $900 | Dimensions: 96 x 24 x 14 inches | Weight: 57 lbs

#4 First Degree E-520 Water Based Rowing Machine

The E-520 Fluid Rower is the highest quality performance water rower on the market with the widest range of resistance levels found anywhere‘. Not a bad introduction at all. This premium rowing machine with water ‘is’ the best, hands down. However, it comes at a pretty steep price, so is only really intended for those who are taking rowing pretty seriously.

Rating: 100% (sourced amazon.com)

Its water system is incredibly sophisticated, being the only real rower that offers you that ‘true on water feel’ with 20 levels of resistance on hand. The E-520 has been designed by rowing athletes for rowing athletes, whereby it is integrated with unique Variable Fluid Resistance — allowing you to up the resistance by rowing faster (like most standard water systems) but increase the resistance by also ‘adding’ water, allowing you to reach ‘full throttle Olympic resistance if needed’. No, other water resistance rower comes close. ‘No slack, no spillage, & no flat spots. This is the E-520’s promise to you’.

Best Price: $2,500 | Dimensional: 75 x 28 x 34 inches | Weight: 160 lbs

Which is Your Favorite Rowing Machine With Water?

In terms of performance #4 is the model to go for. With regards to which will best suit your home #1, will blend in wonderfully and certainly even ‘add’ to a room. Then for the pure value for money factor, the Concept2 Model D (getting it with the slide system) has to be the best. So as you can see every model has its own pros & cons. But which water rowing machine do you like best and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase of the best water rowing machines or about any of the water rowers specifically then please make them below. Also, if you’ve enjoyed or found this showcase account useful at all, please do give it a like (heart) or share — will be much appreciated.