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4 Best Ways to Reuse Polystyrene

Polystyrene tends to pop up whenever you order a product; especially if it’s something perishable. This is because it’s cheap to produce, can be fashioned into a variety of shapes and is capable of holding its’ form so as to protect that which it is packaging. In many cases, the polystyrene is fashioned into a Styrofoam box. This is not only great for protection for the item inside but it also allows a lightweight solution which is ideal when you consider the rising cost of postage.

However, once you’ve received your item in its’ distinctive Styrofoam box, you might be left wondering what to do with the box. Thankfully, there are many fun and useful ways you can put the expanded polystyrene packaging box to use in your own home and garden.

Below are just some of the clever and inventive ways that you can reuse polystyrene –


Its’ purpose at the beginning was to protect perishable foodstuffs, so it stands to reason that the best continued use of a Styrofoam box is to do exactly that. You could keep the box in the boot of your car for shopping trips, meaning that frozen products keep their core temperature and your fresh food stays fresh. Alternatively, you could keep a box in the home for when you’re cleaning the fridge or freezer.

Toy Box

The beauty of a Styrofoam box is that it will retain its’ shape and cope with being “roughed up”. When it comes to children’s bedrooms this is a huge bonus so why not give yours a lick of paint and turn your boring white Styrofoam box into a brand new toy box? If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even let the children loose on the craft supplies!


You might have seen garden centres using Styrofoam planters rather than the traditional plastic trays. This is because the Styrofoam helps to protect the plants as well as keeping them moist. If the garden centre can do it, so can you. Whether you’re growing and cultivating, or you want somewhere safe to keep your seedlings before transferring them to flower beds, the solution is clear.


Because they’re air tight and aren’t too affected by the air temperature, a Styrofoam box makes a great storage solution. Whether you’re thinking tools and hardware, or out of season clothing, these boxes are large, deep and because they’re rectangular, they tend to sit well on shelves or in garages.

If you’re feeling particularly brave or inspired, you could head over to a photo-sharing site such as Pinterest to get ideas on how to decorate your box, turning it from a dull white into a unique work of art!

Hopefully you have found these tips to be of use and are something that you’ll put into practice in future.

Author Bio:-

David has a keen interest in packaging materials. His articles on the subject inform readers on all available products including uses for expanded polystyrene packaging across the whole of UK.

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