4 Best World Destinations to Travel with Kids

4 Best World Destinations to Travel with Kids


Planning a vacation and looking for destinations where you can have a rollicking time with your kids? Given below are 4 of the hottest destinations where both you and your kids will have an unforgettable time:

Is it a family vacation time for you? But you are still considering the destinations where you can travel with your little ones? Look no further than this list, including some of the hottest family travel destinations around the world. You kids are sure to have a rollicking time exploring number of fun activities and sports available here.

Florida, USA


Florida remains one of the hot favourite destinations if you are travelling with kids. There is so much to explore in this southernmost state of the United States. Brimming with exquisite beaches, majestic theme parks and family resorts, this state will sweep you off your feet when it comes to choices.

Even though the whole city is a treat to watch, but do not miss out on Orlando. This city in Florida is extremely famous for its Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and Sea World. Enter these magical worlds and soon you will find yourself amidst a world where impossible is possible. It is a place where fantasy mingles with reality giving rise to unexpected turn of events. Treat your kids with a magical land where whimsical characters are a rule and obscure and lifeless reality an exception. Let your kids share the space with famous Disney characters. Even for adults, there is so much on offer. Either cruise down on a mysterious jungle river or climb down the dizzying heights of mountains. Feeling the desire to visit this enchanting arena? Click here for more information.

After your encounter with a whimsical, crazy world, head towards Tampa Bay that has some of the most alluring beaches in the state and gift yourself balmy sunshine. In addition to this, Busch Gardens (renowned for its enlivening roller coasters) and Adventure Island Water Park are also great places to visit with kids.

London, England


You do not need reasons on why the capital city of UK is so famous among family travellers. The young wizard alone has enough magic to charm kids all over the world. Home to Harry Potter, London has long been a ‘must-go’ place if you are a family traveller and that is not going to change in the future. Saturated with attractions, London offers so much to both kids and adults. From scaling the dizzying heights of the Shard to plunging into the depths of Thames, from unmasking the enigmatic history of Tower of London to paying tribute to the greatest writers of the world at Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey, London will startle you as a visitor.

There are plenty of kid-friendly places in the city where the minds of your little devils will remain engrossed. Pollock toy museum, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, London Zoo, Kew Gardens and other such places are ideal to keep your kids interested. As far as adults are concerned, they will not be disappointed either as London has goodies stored for them too! Explore the eerie history of the castles or browse through the city’s famous pubs and bars or cruise down Thames with your beloved; you will be spoilt for choices once you are here. Stay at any of the family hotels in Central London to make the most of your trip with kids. To explore some discounted family hotels, Click here.



Thailand is considered as one of the best ‘kid-friendly’ places in Asia and there are ample reasons to endorse this fact. Do not loiter around the streets of Bangkok as they are more apt for adult travellers. Instead, turn your head towards southern Thailand that is famous for its tropical aura, heavenly beaches and tranquil swimming waters.

However, if there is one place that can truly claim to be a heaven for family travellers, then that place has to be the island of Phuket. The choices here are so many that they will stagger your imaginations. Kids will be engrossed by the aquarium, butterfly farm, elephant rides and other such attractions. When it comes to adults, cave canoeing and sandy beaches will allure them like never before.

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Phuket Fantsea (an unmatched amalgam of performing elephants, trapeze artistes and pyrotechnics) and Maesa Elephant Camp (for elephant rides) should also be visited. And, if you feel an attraction towards Buddhism, then do venture into Chiang Mai and let yourself immerse into the enlightening and unceasing aura of Buddhism.

Beaver Creek and Vail, Colorado


Want to escape to a world where the allure of crisp mountainous air charms you and your family, a place where you can drift your worries with the sliding snow? Then, visit Beaver Creek and Vail in Colorado and immerse into a family ski-adventure here. Considered the best and most famous ski resort town in America, Vail is ideal for those families who are visiting with their pockets studded with bucks. Skiing here is akin to skiing in Switzerland as the facilities are fantastic. This place is dotted with visitors all year round. Be it Nordic skiing or snowboarding or snow shoeing or ice skating, this place will please you quite heartily. Kids under four are not charged as children’s’ tickets start at age five.

Just few miles away from this ski resort is Beaver Creek village. Here you will have the unique experience of skiing from village to village in the day time. At night, these villages metamorphose into cosmopolitan hot spots with live jazz concerts and bars enlivening the streets.

In addition to the above mentioned places, there are other places to where you can have merry time with your kids. Just choose the best place according to your requirements and enjoy your holidays.