4 Creative Writing Techniques for Winning Essay Contests

Writing an educational essay and winning it might prove to be quite a challenge for everyone. This requires extensive research to get all the essential information on the topic chosen but this is definitely easier than writing a creative essay. An educational essay only needs to inform the readers and widen their knowledge using the information available but creative writing requires the writer to be creative and use their imagination to be able to make the readers satisfied with the flow of the story. A creative writer needs to be creative enough to be able to offer a good story that will sustain the interest of the readers.

Creative writing requires some of literary devices and fresh ideas from the writers and there are just some times that the ideas do not come to the writers. Thus, writing techniques are essential to be able to always provide new ideas and keep your essays interesting. Read on to know about four sure-fire ways in writing original essays for contests.

Creative writing techniques in writing winning essays

• Think about your reader. As a writer of any genre of literature, this is one important practice that should be remembered. It is always important to think of the readers to whom your essay is being written for. Understanding factors about them such as the story outline that they favor or scenes that interest them and putting these factors to use in your essay will play a big factor in how they will accept or like your essay.
• Write everything down. Just like what was stated previously, there are also times when inspiration hits the writer but there are also those times that the idea does not stay in his mind. When this happens, it is definitely irritating for the writer. So, it is always important for a writer to always have a little notebook and pen to write on when he suddenly has a burst of inspiration. With this technique, no idea that had suddenly sprung on the writer’s mind will be lost.

• Hit the Library. To get more ideas for an essay, a writer must also read on information related to the topic. Even though creative writing involves letting your imagination dictate the flow of his story, it is always a good idea to hit the library and read some materials to be able to think of other ideas that can make his essay more interesting. Or reading other materials can help him give answers to the questions that might spring on him while he’s editing the essay. For example, the writer is writing about a family that lives on the Philippines. Questions like what kind of currency do they use there and what is the weather there might help add more depth and truthfulness on the story.

• Get Inspired with Mood Music. Most of the techniques mentioned above are ways that a writer can do before writing the essay so here is one tip that can help him while writing the essay. Listening on a playlist of songs that fit the mood of the essay can help writers create a sincere and better essay. Music also helps the writer focus on his writing and essay more especially when there are other noises on his environment that might distract him.

So, here are four techniques that can definitely help a creative writer produce winning essays. These simple techniques should be followed by writers to be able to create an interesting story that will keep their readers satisfied. With these techniques, producing a winning essay will not be as difficult as before for a creative writer.