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4 Fantastic Horse Charities to Donate To

Horses have played an integral role in our shared history. They have helped us explore new territory, win wars, plough the land, and travel across whole continents. While their use as beasts of burden has dropped with the advent of new technologies, you may still buy a horse or pony for sale for your own personal enjoyment.
Without horses, our progress would not have been possible. Why not show your thanks to these majestic creatures? Donating to any number of horse-related charities just feels good and ensures the health, well-being, and survival of horses all over the globe. Here are just a handful of horse charities you should donate to.
1. World Horse Welfare
World Horse Welfare is an international charity organization based in the UK. The charity was founded by Ada Cole in 1927 after Cole witnessed a group of British work horses being whipped for four miles as they were led to a slaughter.
This spurred the organizations original campaign that prevented the exportation of live horses for slaughter in Britain. The campaign was a success, and in 1937, the UK introduced the Exportation of Horses Act, which protected the welfare of horses headed to the slaughterhouse and effectively stopped the practice of sending live horses from Britain overseas for slaughter.
These days, World Horse Welfare has the simple, singular mission of ensuring that every horse in the world is treated with compassion and respect. They educate horse owners in still-developing nations about proper horse care, support preservation efforts for wild horses, and generally do their part to fight for humane treatment for all horses.
2. Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation
Horse racing is still as popular as ever, but it’s no surprise to anyone that race horses, especially older, retired horses, are often subjects of neglect and abuse. That’s where the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation comes into play. Founded in 1983, the foundation acts as the largest horse sanctuary in the world that is specifically devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of thoroughbred horses that have retired from racing. Through retraining, these horses can go from neglected racehorses to beloved riding and companion horses in no time.
The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation also operates the Second Chances Program, giving inmates the chance to participate in the daily care of horses in a positive environment while building life skills along the way.
3. Equine Research Foundation
The Equine Research Foundation is designed to aid the scientific knowledge about the behaviors, learning abilities, care, and perception, thus improving relations between horses and humans. All of the research involves positive reinforcement and noninvasive procedures—no inhuman experimenting.
The Equine Research Foundation holds equestrian vacations, internships, and volunteer opportunities for the public. These activities give you hands-on experience with horses, allowing you to learn handling, care, training, and behavior up close and personal.
4. Horse Protection League
The Horse Protection League was founded in 1994. Contrary to the name, the organization is dedicated to the wellbeing of donkeys, ponies, and mules as well as the common horse, primarily in the greater Rocky Mountain Region. The league is headquartered at Churches Ranch where it rescues and rehabilitates its animals and offers adoption opportunities.
These horse charities need all the help they can get, so consider donating or volunteering if you can.

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