4 Foods that are Bad for Your Teeth

foods that are bad for teeth

Good dental care requires more than a good brushing. There are plenty of foods that are bad for your teeth, for more reasons than just their sugary content. Some foods, just like those that cause many common food allergies, are bad for your teeth.

Citric Fruits and Juices are Foods that are Bad for Your Teeth

Citric Fruits and Juices are a rich source of vitamin C and other nutrients but frequent exposures to acidic foods can erode teeth, making them more prone to decay over time. Drink plenty of plain water after will reduce the effect of acidic foods. However, Brushing the teeth following the consumption will enhance the erosion.



Alcohol consumption can cause dry mouth and dehydration. Excessive consumption  will significantly reduce the saliva flow and that might lead to tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease. In addition, excessive use of alcohol increases the risk of mouth cancer especially when it is consumed with tobacco

Sticky foods

Sticky foods are the mouth’s worst enemy. Dried fruits are very popular as they provide many of the essential minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and fibres that we need every day.
However, sticky foods, including dried fruits, can damage your teeth as they stay on the teeth longer. Rinsing with water, brushing and flossing will significantly enhance your oral health.


Although it can be argued that coffee can be considered as healthy beverage, coffee can stain your teeth. Coffee staining appears to be more persistent than tobacco stains. In addition, coffee can dry out your mouth.

Alternative Foods

Nuts, lean proteins, milk, water and cheese might be the best alternative to maintain your dental health.