4 Hour Study Week

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As a college student, I do not want to spend a large portion of my time outside of class working on more school work. I’m sure many people can relate to this. With homework being a significant portion of the school work today, we as students, should explore some options for making better use of our time. In the 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, he lays down a foundation for people to start using their time more effectively and work much less than they currently are. A few strategies include using the 80/20 principle, which can be interpreted that 20 percent of the time you work on a project is the most useful. Also, he says to focus your attention on one problem at a time and do not multitask. Additionally, you should take time to rest when you feel it is necessary. Using these principles, I believe we, as students, can create a 4 hour study week.

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An important aspect of the 4 hour study week is the ability to sit down and truly focus on what you are working on. Most of us, whether working a job or working on school work, only spend a small portion working efficiently. If you are similar to me, you probably have trouble doing your work without looking a facebook, twitter, or checking on a sport’s game. If we can cut down looking at various websites and other distractions while we do our work, it will minimize the time we spend on the work significantly. Also, working smart instead of working hard will also cut hours off of your studying. While studying, try and explain to yourself answers to questions. By doing this, you will understand where you need to study more and what is tripping you up. Another aspect of this idea is flow. You know the feeling when you are working on something so effectively that you lose track of time and feel as if you have gotten a lot done? Some people consider this being in the zone. Well this is flow. Just sitting down and completely focusing our energy on a simple task can create a flow in our work. This is usually what students strive for when studying. To make things clear, the study week does not have to be exactly 4 hours long. It can be a little more or a little less. The point is to eliminate distractions, study smart, and focus you’re attention on specific assignments.

There are many benefits to having a 4 hour study week.

1. More time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Every student wants more time to spend with their friends or enjoying a personal hobby. Creating a 4 hour study week, we can achieve this much easier.

2. Side projects or a side job . I often like to work on a project on the side, whether that be for money or just something I enjoy. College students may be looking for ideas for their own business or have to work to pay off their college. There will be more time for these activities with the hours cut off of studying and homework.

3. Less time dedicated to school. Enough said. There are plenty other activities that we can do that will benefit us outside of school work.

Overall, incorporating a 4 hour study week in your schedule will help you become for efficient and learn more effectively. I encourage trying this strategy for a couple weeks and see how it works. Life is an experiment. See what works for you!

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