4 Important Points To Consider While Choosing A Door Handles

Most of us consider door handles unimportant when we plan our homes or renovate our homes, here’s the big mistake we make as door handles can make a very big difference to the look and feel of our home. We need to give it due importance and spend equal amount of time for the selection of a specific one.

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Among the multiple shapes and designs available you need to select the one which complements the doors in your home and in turn, make a difference to the complete home. A well-chosen door handle adds a stylish element to the décor of your home. As there are numerous options available in the market these days, so it’s better to have some knowledge before you actually shop for them.

  1. Selection of the door type : This seems to be of prime importance before you give the other factors a thought. Oval shaped handles or the traditional ones with the round handle work well with any door and can give a classy touch to your door. Lever type handles can be good if you have elderly people in your home, as they offer an easy grip. They can also add modern touch to your home.If you select the lever handle make sure to find out which side the lever faces, as with doors which have hinges on the right side you need to opt for a right-handed lever and for the doors with hinges on the left, opt for left-handed levers. They work well with both exteriors and interiors, so no need to worry about this.
  2. Style : We know a door handle is of functional importance but it can also be a style statement for your home, so before choosing the one make sure you keep the interiors of your home in the forefront. If you are not which one to opt for, then pick up a simple round one which works well with any décor. If you are looking for more modernized ones, then you can think of the egg shaped ones or the oval ones. A curved lever can be decorative, simple and bar style which gives a neat look. Look for the rosette ones either rectangular or square ones so that you have a wide range to choose from.
  3. The finish and the Material : The material and the finish should also be considered along with the style before you decide a specific door handle. You will find most of the door handles in metal but a huge variety is available these days. Make sure the finish of the selected door handle complements your home finish so that it doesn’t look odd. You can think of a brass finish which is bright and offers a warm look, or the chrome, stainless steel, satin nickel, pewter which offers you a modern feel as the silver tone neutralizes the effect and also blends easily with most of the other colors in your home. You also have the choice of the cut-glass handle for an interior door to add more elegant and classy look.
  4. Door Lock : You need to make sure whether you require a lock which is in-built with your door handle. Exterior doors definitely require a lock but there are some places in the interior of our home which require a simple lock like the bathroom or the bedroom.

So to conclude, if you keep all these factors in your mind, it will be easier for you to choose a door handle online which suits your requirement.