4 Inch Memory Foam Toppers

All About 4 inch Memory Foam Toppers

A luxurious sleep can be easily achieved by using 4 inch memory foam toppers and mattresses. Aside from this, memory foams have other benefits to provide. But, before going to that part, what are the interesting things you should know about memory foam? As you know, it has a very fascinating history. Furthermore, memory foams are used therapeutically in relieving back pains and muscle stiffness. This is because compared to its other counterparts; it has distinct and special properties.

About memory foams

Today, various products ranging from slippers, pillows to mattresses are made out of memory foams. Numerous individuals have attested to the comfort and functionality it brings. But, what exactly are memory foams?

Traditionally used and invented by NASA, memory foam is considered as polyurethane product that is combined with other chemicals. It is known to be a visco-elastic material that is dense and heavier than other types of foam. It is also considered as a thermo-regulated material. Meaning, when heat is applied it tends to compress. Once the heat is removed, it will return to its original state. Thus, the term “elastic” is incorporated. With that, it is widely known to reduce pressure, provide support and ease mild to severe pain.

Memory foam toppers

Foam toppers as the name implies are used on top of hard surface areas to enhance comfort. Memory foam toppers are generally used in the medical field. Its main function is to reduce extreme pressure experienced in certain medical conditions like back problems and prolonged lying position. The same principle is applied in 4 inch memory foam toppers but it is primarily used as mattress toppers. However, if you think that the use of memory foam toppers is restricted in medical practice or for patients, it is not.

As mentioned earlier, a luxurious sleep can be obtained if you use memory foam mattresses and toppers. This is only one of the few benefits you’ll gain in using this type of foam. Furthermore, considering durability, this product would definitely provide it. However, compared to other foam materials, this foam is highly expensive. Nonetheless, considering various factors, your money is wisely spent.

Why opt for memory foam toppers and mattresses?

Medically, if you’re pregnant or someone who is suffering from frequent muscle stiffness during sleeping, it would be best to purchase either memory foam toppers, mattresses or both. With foam toppers alone, you can already achieve the support and comfort you need since it is thick. Nonetheless, the use of memory foam is for all and not only for the sick and in pain.

Another benefit of you can gain in using memory foam is elimination of dust mites and allergic reactions. As you know, traditional foams are considered as dust mites’ breeding ground. With a breeding ground and dead skin cells to suffice their nutrient requirements, ordinary foam became their perfect habitat. However, due to the density and structure of memory foams, dust mites are unable to use it as their reproduction area. Thus, providing a soothing and itch-free environment where you can comfortably sleep.

Although, memory foam mattresses are known to be expensive, one may opt for foam toppers instead. With 4 inch memory foam toppers, you can experience its benefits in a more affordable way.