4 methods and ways to make money at flixya

If you are new to seekyt, then start making money by writing articles here. You can check the advantages and benifits of writing here. Here is one more article where you can learn the ways of promoting the articles.

Today, I am going to share a new revenue sharing site called ‘flixya’. Earlier I have posted something about it . This particular article tells you the ways of making money at flixya.

It is a revenue sharing site that offers 100% adsense impressions to the content contributors. Here are the full details.

1. You can earn rewards by uploading photos. This is a great simple task. Your impressions are rotated around your photo and when ever some one clicks your adsense bank shows an increase.

2.You can embed the videos from youtube,metacafe, dailymotion,. veoh, vimeo and google video. You have to place the url of the video and the rest will be done by them. you have to write a suitable title with a description and relevant tags. Your ads are again displayed around your videos.

3.You are free to wite any blog post and there are no restrictions on the type of content except adult and sexuality related one.

4.You can use it as a bookmarking service. You can write a short sumary of it and then can link back to your orignal article. These particular links are do follow and hence are very useful in the terms of search engine.

These are the things about flixya and the strategies and methods. The best part of it is that it pays the contributors 100% of their work and hence it is worth trying for.

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