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4 Reasons You Might Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Ohio residents do their best to avoid driving accidents, and Warren County residents are no exception. That applies to motorcyclists as well as drivers in passenger cars and trucks. Trying to avoid trouble while riding your motorcycle is important, but sometimes accidents happen no matter how careful the rider. Because Warren County is located between Cincinnati and Dayton, it has many busy roads, and busy roads can increase risks for bikers.

Due to the mixture of highways and rural roads in the county, riders must be vigilant for the risks that come with urban, suburban, and rural roads if they want to stay safe. Although it always pays to be vigilant, it’s smart to be on the lookout for the most likely causes of motorcycle accidents. This increases the chances of avoiding all accidents. Here at the four most common causes for motorcycle accidents, and the most likely reasons a rider will have to pick up the phone and call a motorcycle accident attorney.


One of the most common and serious motorcycle accidents occurs when a car crosses an intersection when a motorcycle is approaching. According to motorcycle accident attorneys like AttkissonLawFirm.com, this is usually the fault of the driver of the car. Motorcycles don’t have a big profile, and a careless driver can miss them if they only glance before crossing at an intersection. This type of accident is more likely to happen on secondary roads where less traffic is present, and drivers get careless.

Open Door Accidents

Operating speeds are much lower in urban areas, and that can lead to a false sense of security. In any area where cars park or stop along a roadway, a driver who opens their door into the travel lane where a motorcycle is riding can cause a serious accident. The potential for this accident can be hard to spot. Motorcyclists need to keep their eyes on the road ahead, and they can’t watch every parked car they’re about to pass to see if there’s a person inside preparing to open a car door.

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This is one aspect of motorcycle safety that has more to do with the education of automobile drivers than the motorcyclists. Drivers should always look over their shoulder before opening a car door, for their own safety as well as motorcycle riders.

Sudden Stops

Sudden stops can result in more serious accidents for motorcycles than cars. When a car stops short in front of a motorcycle, the cycle can go end over end, and the rider can be launched into the air. Riders should keep a safe distance from autos, but motorcycle accident attorneys say that in heavy traffic, cars sometimes cause this type of accident by pulling into the lane directly in front of a motorcycle and then slamming on the brakes.

Solo Wrecks

Motorcycles can have accidents that don’t involve other vehicles. Bikers can be forced to ditch if they enter into a sudden curve going too fast. Road conditions can cause single-bike accidents as well. A particularly deep pothole, a frost heave, or scarified pavement can all cause a wreck. Motorcycle accident attorneys say that unsafe road conditions can be grounds for a lawsuit if the local municipality knew about an unsafe condition but did nothing to fix it.

 4 Reasons You Might Need A Motorcycle Accident Attorney
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