4 Things To Do in Bergamo!

There are so many historical sites in this city! The only way out is to rent a car. So you’ll be able to see the best of Bergamo and of Milan also which is just in 20 km away.

While staying in Bergamo you should do these 4 things mentioned below to make your vacation more interesting and amazing!

1. Funicular lift to the Old Town of Bergamo

Price: 1,5 €
Duration: 2,5 min
Location: Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe
Opening hours: 7.00-0.01

Bergamo is divided into 2 “cities” – ancient Upper (Bergamo Alta) and modern Lower (Bergamo Bassa). And there is a funicular route between them, which has been existed since 1888.
In the beginning funicular worked on a horse-drawn. Nowadays, it consists of two neat orange carriages. It might be a little narrow and tight but anyway this attraction is a great opportunity to enjoy pretty views while you are riding to the ancient city.

2. Go to the local Zoo

Price: 9-11 €
Duration: 2-4 hours
Location: via Cornelle, 16, Val Brembo
Opening hours: April-October 9.00-19.00; November-March 9.00-17.00

The local Zoo is called the “Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle”. Here, the team of scientists at the University of Milan works on the problem of preserving Jacquot parrots. Besides the usual walks between aviaries Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle offers quite serious excursions with stories about almost every resident of this Zoo. It is a great idea to visit this place with the whole family! Be sure, you will spend wonderful hours here!

3. Try the very special Bergamo dessert – Polenta e Osei

Location: Piazza Vecchia, 3
Opening hours: Monady- Sunday 8:00 – 0:00
Entire staff knows English
Wi-fi: avalible

Caffe Del Tasso has been working on exactly this place since 1476! It is amazing! Many centuries have passed, but the restaurant continues to receive and properly serve its visitors. Isn’t it the real time machine?

You can taste the Polenta e Osei in this restaurant. The famous cake of Bergamo! It takes the whole 3 hours to create this masterpiece!

4. Visit pizzeria Da Nasti

Location: Via Zambonate, 25
Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 23:30

There are almost 250 pizzas in the restaurant menu! You will definitely find something special here.
The restaurant offers a really wide selection of different sweets, cakes, among them is the extraordinary chocolate pizza!

This place is both good for romantic evenings with your soul mate and for noisy and cheerful parties! You should remember that Da Nasti is closed on Mondays and you also can’t visit it from the half of July to half of August.

How to rent a car in Bergamo?

You have made a great decision to rent a car – you’ll avoid transportation problems and will save your time greatly!

Car rental can be arranged directly at the airport and you shouldn’t be afraid of the price. The cheapest car rental vehicles you can find here: http://italy.rentalcars24h.com/bergamo-airport.

Have a marvelous weekend in Bergamo!