4 tips to develop your memory

Even people who have the best memory in the world lose their keys! According to Scott Hagwood who managed to remember the order of nine card games in a row, there are still ways to improve memory. He became the first Grand Master of the American memory has given us simple tips that anyone can apply and transform his life. Here’s what he advises category by category.

1 / The long lists
Just as you do your shopping or you walked into a supermarket without a list to forget what you want to buy. Face abundance your brain forgets things.
The solution:
To boost your memory, visualize each thing you want to buy. “So you can even the most unusual objects and the most insignificant,” says Shane Bush, neuropsychologist in New York. Imagine Carla Bruni in miniskirt currently hold a pack of milk in one hand and a wand in the other. Weird? But you certainly will not forget the milk or bread …

2 / The details of a meeting
If you remember evidence as insignificant as the name of his dog, his favorite color, she literally crack. Nevertheless store all this information is often difficult, especially during the first appointment you paid more attention to his lips as the rest!
The solution:
Use the technique called the room to boost your memory. According to Scott Hagwood you will be able to retain a lot of information as well. Imagine a room that is familiar to you. When you tell personal things about his life, imagine this in action being realized within different parts of the room. If she likes to run , imagine it in a corner hounds. If she loves more beautiful life, imagine watching the series in the opposite corner, etc..

3 / telephone numbers
According to George W Rebok, professor in the department of mental Johns Hopkins brain can not hold many long sequences of numbers. Besides who has not confused phone numbers …
The solution:
Give meaning to every logical sequence of digits. Although a French number contains 10 digits, it can be decomposed into several series such as Suites departments, year salient, etc..

4 / instructions
“Whether you remember all the instructions, even the greatest experts may forget information if they are given too quickly,” says Scott Hagwood.
The solution:
According to Scott Hagwood in this case its the key to improving memory is to control the flow of information. When we begin to give you, do not hesitate to pause and ask to slow down. You can also make a comment to one of the informants on his behalf, a resemblance to a celebrity, etc.. While you enjoy it responds to remind you that the information you have just given. And do not hesitate to repeat …