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4 Tips to promote your business on your Facebook Wall


You use your Facebook Wall to keep in touch with friends, family and coworkers. Regularly visits Facebook to access status updates, links, videos and photos shared by your friends.
However, as a business owner, you have options to use your wall on Facebook to promote your business activities, products, services and events. Unlike Facebook pages and groups, the Facebook wall you can not get more members or fans. But you can always be a part of your online marketing strategy.
Along with being connected with your loved ones, you can use the wall as a business Facebook page.

Send updates regularly.
By posting regular updates on your Facebook wall, your visibility will increase in the walls of your friends. Every time you post comments on your wall will be automatically shared with your Facebook friends so it’s much easier to advertise your business investing little time and effort.
However, it should send updates of various kinds to keep your friends choose the option to “hide all posts”. If you regularly publish updates of promotional and advertising, these may not be liked by your friends. Therefore, it is necessary to select and publish different types of messages to maintain the interest and attention of the users of Facebook.

Post the relevant and fresh.
The quality of the updates posted on your Facebook wall will also have a major impact on advertising your business on Facebook. By rewriting and post the same message on the wall, they can not impress your Facebook friends. Therefore, you should spend some time in researching current trends of Facebook users. You also have options to split an update and have several posts on your wall.
Multiple short status updates convey the same message and also be more effective in keeping your Facebook contacts interested and engaged.
Keep your contacts engaged.
You can advertise your business effectively by posting multiple posts on your Facebook wall. The products and services offered by your company can only be promoted among your friends only when you are able to keep them interested.
Therefore, it is important to keep your friends involved by posting relevant information. Along with your posts and status updates, you might consider sharing some external links and articles with relevant information about your company.
Conduct online surveys.
The newly introduced “Ask a Question” you can ask a question to start a thread. The same feature also allows you to carry out an online survey by including multiple options.
When you decide to promote your business on your Facebook wall, you may consider conducting surveys at regular intervals. You can share a question about a specific property or attribute of the products or services you offer.
At the same time, surveys of Facebook can also be used as a means to announce some promotional offers to attract more visitors to your web site online.
I wish that you drop a comment of your doubts and frustrations. I will answer them all.

 4 Tips to promote your business on your Facebook Wall
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