News 4 Venues to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

4 Venues to Consider When Planning Your Wedding


Planning a wedding is an exciting, overwhelming—and most likely fleeting—time of your life. Among the many important details will be the location of your nuptials. The average cost of a wedding in 2012 was $28,400—in other words, not cheap! Your venue choice can greatly impact the cost of your wedding, so it takes some serious consideration and should be among the first decisions made in your planning process.
The options are practically endless, but there are some general categories to consider that should help narrow it down. Which of these venue types can you see yourself saying “I do” in?
• Resorts/hotels: A perfect option for weekend wedding events and when you have several guests coming in from out of town, resorts and hotels can be a one-stop shop for your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception. You will likely get discounted room rates for yourself and guests, and may even benefit from fun extras like golf in all-inclusive wedding packages. Find activities in the area that guests can explore during their free time—while you’re planning your wedding, you’re also planning a little vacation for your loved ones to thank them for celebrating with you. Encourage people to join you for the whole weekend and enjoy their company and the celebration as long as you can. It will certainly make for a memorable couple of days.
• Wineries: This type of venue could be limited based on your geographical location, but there are some tucked-away wineries in unexpected places, and all it takes is a little searching. A winery offers a beautiful natural setting for a wedding and reception, and plenty of wine, of course! Wineries are great for weddings with their upscale yet down-to-earth atmospheres that are perfect for mingling, enjoying the finer things in life, and soaking in some sunshine like those vine-ripened grapes.
• Beaches: If you live in a coastal location, the beach may just be the perfect setting to gather friends and family for a celebration. Tranquil and full of natural beauty, beach weddings are very popular. Even if you don’t live near an ocean, natural lakes also provide beautiful settings. Imagine walking down the aisle with sand between your toes, gorgeous flowers and trees swaying, and a crisp blue ocean or lake as the backdrop.
• The Backyard: Having your wedding in the privacy of your (or someone else’s) home can be a potential money saver. You could save the expense of renting a space and even be able to provide your own food and drink, which can be rather costly. If you do decide to go the DIY route versus having the meal catered, make sure you have helpful family members or friends that are willing to miss some of the party in order to help out. In order to allow everyone to enjoy the event, it may be best to spend a little extra to hire a helping hand.

 4 Venues to Consider When Planning Your Wedding
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