4 ways in which you get older your makeup

4 ways in which you get older your makeup

Always look cute is a goal that every woman has, by resorting to various strategies it is normal. But when these are not carried out in the right way, you can obtain conflicting results, so you must avoid the ways that makeup can age.

According to Eduardo Ferreira, artistic director of the renowned cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown, at certain ages it is better not to experiment and go for the classic combinations. About the eyeliner, he states:

The caviar black and shades are perfect. The top line of the eyelashes delineated sit well with most of them. The lower is better not draw from 40 years. The reason can cause an undesired effect: dwarf and aging eyes ‘

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What are you doing wrong?

No matter how old you are, know and avoid practices that make you look makeup larger, or even cause, will make you look radiant and beautiful at all times. We shared some experts say.

1. Make too heavy. A common mistake, expert makeup New York, Joe J. Simon, says it is best to use simple formulas, but if you have some problem areas that you cover, only use a damp sponge to apply foundation and paired with shades light.

2. Forget lips. They do not escape time, Tina Monzon, professional makeup artist, says that lose thickness and fill wrinkles that blur their contours. So the best way is to delineate rejuvenate with a pencil the same shade of lipstick.

3. Too much or little blush. According to Simon either things, can add years to your face. His proposal is the halfway point, you should always apply it on the apple of the cheek to give vitality to your skin tone.


4. Few eyebrows. Too waxing can age the face. It is best to complete small arched eyebrows to look younger, explains Joel J. Simon.

So you can wear a beautiful, bright and forget these ways makeup can age skin, where Yael Czech video Maquieira ActitudFem expert makeup artist tells you step by step how to get a Pin Up, that only professionals know do. Are you ready?

By: EsamPim