4 ways to make money at webanswers

Many sites do let the users to share adsense revenue. There are many sites that share the revenue for writing articles, bookmarking articles.

But I have found this site extremely useful in making those extra bucks in my adsense account. Here is the in detailed review of the site namely webanswers. Many of us do have the habit of posting solutions and answers at forums and sites like yahoo answers and wiki answers. But we do not make any direct revenue from them.

The site mentioned to you will allow you to earn adsense revenue for doing the same. So, try this income stream and get the ad revenue flow into your pocket. First of all, let me share the things at webanswers.

Webanswers is a place where you earn more money by answering and some sort of money by placing the questions on the site. Webanswers shares 60-40% adsense revenue with the user and the authority.

You have a chance of claiming 20% extra ad revenue from webanswers share of 40% when you refer a new member through your link or when you generate traffic to the threads in the site with your traffic tracking token. When ever the answer posted by the user gets awarded, then he/she earns the 60% maximum adsense revenue.

Inorder to make money here at webanswers, you need an adsense account. If you have one then link it with webanswers. If you do not have an account then post 50 quality posts and Google will send you an invitation. Fill the details and submit it. Wait for the approval and once you are approved, you start making money provided your account is linked with webanswers.

The advantages of using webanswers are:

1. You can post your answers or questions through your mobile.
2. This is an established site and has been increasing enormously in terms of traffic as per alexa.
3. The site has a wide variety of posts in different categories. So, you can easily choose the area of interest.


Actually these are really not the disadvantages. They are just the precautions and in fact webanswers is really a great site that do not have any drawbacks or disadvantages.This site now does not allow new members from certain countries. Check the listed countries in terms page on webanswers.

1. In article publishing sites like hubpages and others you make maximum amount of money as the hubs or posts get old. But at webanswers your posts will be pulled back if you are not active.
2. As the earnings purely depend on the quality score, active participation on the site is a must.

My personal experience on the site was really amazing. It was in the holidays after the semester that I dedicated myselves working for webanswers. I made a good income of 150$ in 20 days and my total number of answers were 2500 plus and I also used to promote my awarded answers.

Some tips for earning more money at webanswers:
1. Dedicate yourselves and write quality answers which are relevant and descriptive.
2. Take care that they do not contain any grammar and spelling mistakes.
3. If your answers are relevant and descriptive, then you have the maximum chances of getting awards. The more awarded answers you have, the maximum amount come into your adsense account. Because you have the chance of making 60% adsense revenue with the awarded threads.
4. Promote your awarded answers.
5. Refer new users and this will make you 20% of the impressions. Suppose that you have referred a new user who makes 100$ per month, then you do have the chances of making 20$. Hope you find this article helpful. Join the site and earn those extra adsense revenue.

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